EB Games Is Having A Stock Clearance Sale

Good sales don't typically come through your traditional brick and mortar retail outlets, but EB Games is currently running a stock clearance sale and it's — surprise — actually worth checking out.

Titanfall on Xbox One for $28, Assassin's Creed IV for $28 — it can't quite match the Steam Sales for choice (or price) but if you're looking for some actual box copies of console games, some of these deals are actually pretty good.

Others that leapt out at me? The actually-quite-difficult-to-find Skate 3 for $23, the surprisingly excellent ZombiU for Wii U, and Trials Fusion Deluxe for $23. There's a lot of good stuff in there, including just about every single Just Dance game ever made.

But yeah, definitely worth a quick look. The sale is online only.


    zombiU isn't excellent, it was $5 on ozgameshop and it was rubbish.

      I had a lot of fun with it. The death mechanic was great, and even small numbers of zombies could be risky. I had many "zombie movie" moments where everything went south. And playing in survivor mode made you pretty damned careful!

      I welcomed the change of pace compared to the actioney decline of the genre on whole, and the gamepad and multiplayer functions were neat additions.

      A more fleshed out sequel which built on the foundations would have been most excellent! The pacing and settings got a bit wobbly towards the end, but the world was most interesting.

      Mmm, might go replay it soon...

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        I still need to finish it >.>

        Stuck at the "HEY BETTER SADDLE UP THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN" part. Because I couldn't decide what I wanted to take with me. Now my skill has probably declined so much I'll need to run around the whole place in hope of finding more zombies to practise on.

          As long as you've done all the Dee letters, it doesn't really matter what you take with you past that.

          Edit: Oh, I just remembered one other thing which was neat was that even in regular mode, when you died you lost your gun handling skills. Man, that hurt a few times...

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          I got bored fairly early unfortunately. I got as far as where you needed to go to that dude's apartment and get whatever it was you needed to get out of his safe (when you needed to go through the apartment building where zombies were having that rave party). I think I stopped playing not long after that, after raiding an armoury or something.

          It was cool and all, and innovative, but I'm not really sure what it was that made me bored enough to stop. Maybe it was the seemingly really slow pace of it. At least I was playing it pretty slowly, because I was paranoid of dying and needing to retrieve all of my equipment again. Didn't stop me dying though.

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      I agree with @cubits. While the game wasn't spectacular it was definitely very innovative. The FOV of 50 though was pretty horrible, but some of the mechanics were particularly good. Especially the death one.

        Whilst I found the death mechanic frustrating, I did think it was an interesting change, and I loved the inventory system idea of taking your eyes off your surroundings whilst you scrounge around in your inventory; definitely made you more receptive to sounds and not dilly-dallying.

      ZombiU had its flaws but it was a good game, had many scary moments (like that damn nursery) and made great use of the gamepad.

      I loved zombiU I liked how you were weak compared to the zombies where even two could be a handful. I also liked the death mechanic of needing to retrieve your precious resources and of course the resource management was done great on the gamepads touch screen.
      Felt like a first person resident evil. It actually felt like a survival game instead of mowing down zombies. I had alot more fun and scares in comparison to the last of us and paid less than a quarter of the price.
      My only complaint was the loading times. Other than that I think it's highly underrated.

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      ZombiU is excellent and you're wrong.

      It was $10 at Target for quite a while too. Well worth the pickup at $30, let alone that price.

      I thought it was utter trash, returned it the next day.

    I don't know what's more disturbing.. The fact that preowned is $30 more then new, or that their "was" price for black flag was still $99..

      Why would the pre-owned price difference be disturbing? They're trying to flush current stock, not pre-owned stuff. As for the $99, well yeah, Australia tax has always been disturbing.

    It's an old game, but I got Rhythm Paradise for Wii brand new for $4. Awesome deal right there! (that was in-store though)

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      Holy crap. I got mine at $28 I think and still haven't played it >_>

    "I will purchase the pre-owned copy of Black Flag. No, I don't want to save $30 purchasing the superior new copy, thank you."

    Pretty sure this is a carry over of the sale they had last week. I went to get NHL 15 for like $28 but no one near me had it which was pretty crappy.

    Anything I'm interested in is "out of stock" or still at a ridiculously high price.

    Is it just me or does it seem that EB uses "bait" pricing in some of these sales. Put a good price on a game but then mark it out of stock so as to keep customers coming back to check if it is in stock. Then jack the price back up after the sale and hope the customer buys because they might worry about missing out again.

      Possibly, I don't know if there is some rubbish glitch with their systems when they do a sale like this that overrides other rules, but their entire database becomes visible. As soon as the sale ends, all the out of stock stuff disappears once more.

      I've attempted to use it for some Vita games, but all the ones I'm trying to hunt down are always out of stock, but at the same time can only be found on the website during these sales.

        Not sure if they still do this, but you used to be able to pop in to your local EB and get them to call head office to do an Australia-wide check for a particular title. If another store has it (and isn't completely useless), they can call them and organise it to get shipped back to your store for you.

      That would actually be considered Bait Advertising and is a breach of Australian Consumer Law under the Competition & Consumer Act. I know this because I just completed the required annual CCA training module at work about 10 minutes ago :)

    FYI AC:IV is at the same price at the Galeries Victoria store

    AC Black Flag was $18 on PC at EB Games. I picked up Gothic 2 Gold Edition for a dollar.
    I also got a Knex Toad Racing Car for $8 (http://www.knex.com/shop/17570/toad-kart-building-set/).
    There are bargains to be had from time to time, particularly on PS3 and Xbox 360 pre-owned games.

    Actually looks pretty rubbish.
    Wasn't Titanfall on sale recently on XBL for about $8?
    I picked up Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition from JB months ago for $34 (EB wants $46 for the vanilla version). Ryse is in the same boat.

    EDIT: Screw EB, just read about the XBL ultimate game sale starting Feb 18.
    Lords of the Fallen for $25 ($15 for Gold members) compared to EB's $46.

    There are other less crazy deals too.

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      Crap just bought it at eb.

        Take it back and get a refund. Pretty sure they still do that 7 days return thing.

    South Park: The Stick of Truth for $23 sounds like a good deal.

    Ah. Only four stores in the country have it in stock. I see what they did there. :/

    Actually, unless it's for bait what is the point of listing out of stock items at all? If it's out of stock it's not on special.

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    ZombiU would have to be the best launch game this generation.

    People on your friends list show up as zombies in-game (where they died I think?) and you have to take them out, messy.

    First Person Dark Souls.

    There's a sale coming up for Xbox on the 18th. The site was up but they've pulled it down. If correct, the following Xbox One games are discounted (if you have Gold, otherwise less discount) - unsure of 360 as the site wasn't up:

    Wicked Weekend Offers

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection – $40
    Killer Instinct Complete Collection – $66
    Shadow of Mordor Season Pass – $20
    The Walking Dead: Season 1 and Season 2 – $26

    Ultimate Offers

    Alien Isolation – $40
    Alien Isolation Season Pass – $16
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – $67
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Digital Pro – $112
    The Crew – $67
    The Crew Gold Edition – $87
    Destiny – $67
    Destiny Digital Guardian Edition – $87
    Fantasia: Music Evolved – $30
    Forza Motorsport 5 – $42
    Lara Croft Temple of Osiris & Season Pass – $15
    Shadow of Mordor – $60
    Monopoly Family Fun Pack – $27
    Telltale Games Collection – $77
    Trials Fusion Deluxe Edition – $12
    Trials Fusion Season Pass – $10
    Watch_Dogs – $40

    Ultimate Value Deals

    Angry Birds Star Wars – $10
    Costume Quest 2 – $7
    Kinect Sports Rivals – $14
    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris – $11
    Lords of the Fallen – $15
    NBA Live 15 – $15
    Sniper Elite 3 – $20
    Styx: Master of Shadows – $10

      That's not PSN, Mi-ke Ta-no

        Yeah only Xbox Jimzles. :(

        There's a sale coming up for Xbox on the 18th. The site was up but they've pulled it down. If correct, the following Xbox One games are discounted (if you have Gold, otherwise less discount) - unsure of 360 as the site wasn't up: ;)

        I should get a PS4, shouldn't it?

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          Buy me an Xboner while your at it.

          Actually, I'm seeing less & less reason to go multiplat.

          But I only wanna play JRPGs 24-7-365, so yeah.

            PS4 is a much better choice for that then. I feel like I inevitably need a PS4 because of cool exclusives like Bloodborne.

              You mean Persona 5 :p

              Seriously though, I got a 360 because my fave franchises went multiplatform (resident evil & Final Fantasy, which I hated last gen ) & Sakaguchi, creator of FF made 2 exclusive games for it (Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon).

              I ended up getting a PS3 when my 360 broke & I'm still playing it now (downloading PS2 games).

              The 360 mostly gathers dust now apart from the boy playing Kinect, but no regrets because when I was playing, I had a great time.

              Trying to be responsible, I've opted into just one console this gen.Remote Play is much used by me. Much!

    Wait ... EB is having a "sale?" I'm yet to walk past an EB where the store isn't in sale, clearance or stocktake mode.

    Maybe the week EB announces that they'll be charging RRP across everything (which they really do anyway) would be more suitable as a news story.

    Can someone explain how a preowned copy of Killer Instinct works? The base game is free, and surely there wouldn't be much in that pack other than a voucher to download the S1 characters, right? Or are the characters on the disc in this case?

    Sheesh - how's about they let you filter by platform!

      They do.. On the side click the department option and it brings up the consoles etc..

    Pokemon Diamond came out over 8 years ago and EB is selling it for $35. Pre-owned...

    Actually, a pre-owned PS Move controller for $12 is pretty good! I already have two though, and the number of games allowing the use of four Move controllers is extremely limited.

    Just bought Arkham Origins: Blackgate for Vita. It's one of the few games I want but don't have, and at a very reasonable price.
    Had to round out the Arkham series anyway, I hope it doesn't suck!

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