Evolve Glitch Creates 5 Vs 1 Mode

Evolve Glitch Creates 5 Versus 1 Mode

In Evolve, each of the four player classes is supposed to play a specific role in hunting down big, brutal monsters, with the various hunter types playing specific roles to help the team win. So when a glitch lets two support characters spawn and create a five-man team instead of the usual four-man squad, it's a really unfair advantage. Say goodnight, Goliath.

Things went off-script when a bunch of Evolve players jumped into a hunt and found themselves with a quintet of hunters. Two support characters — the players with the unsernames constablebento and shineix — means twice the attack buffs so that poor monster's armour falls off with the quickness. Poor little big guy. He barely had a chance. I, for one, hope this happens to me in an upcoming session.


    Can you turn off that map, relocate it or alter its opacity??? Takes up so much realestate and it's not even transparent there...

      Yes to turning if off, not sure about the specific buttons on the other platforms, but on PS4 you can bring the map up, or take it back down with the center touch-pad button.

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    The more I hear about this game the less I want to play it.

    Had a glitch similar to this happen the other night with a mate.

    We partied up to play a game and both joined an active match, but were both stuck on a spectator mode unable to load menus or anything. Ended up just stuck watching the match with the monster winning and in the end we both got the rewards of the monster and then losing connection due to the amount of players in game.

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