Evolve On PC Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One

It's time for another graphical throw-down, this time featuring the latest big monster hunting game, Evolve.

GameSpot brings us a graphics comparison video, where you can note the differences between all the versions of Evolve. Overall, there don't seem to be huge differences between the versions — they all look great — but, if you'd like to view the fearsome monster in high detail, you might want to consider getting the PC version of the game. Shocker, I know.

Make sure to play the video in 1080p, at 60 FPS!


    Seems like they trimmed back the detail draw distance on the Xbox version along with the slightly lower rendering resolution. It also seems like the texture resolution on both the consoles is a bit lower. Still looks pretty good all round though.

    Anyone know if the Xbox one is in 1080p?

      From what I've read it's 1600x900 upscaled, seems to be the norm for the newer platforms when they can't keep up at native resolution,

        Ahhh.. we only have our selves to blame though. The performance leap of PS3 & Xbox360 was pretty spectacular but it came with a price tag and sales weren't so good. This gen they released consoles with budget components and a relative price and they're breaking records. What do you think they'll do next generation? .. PC gamers will be held back too because of the limited recourses developers have when working with consoles.

          Impossible to guess at this point, there is a chance that there might not even be another console after this round. After all the machines weren't released on the cutting edge to begin with, mobile hardware could easily catch up in around 5 years. You could simply see the brand's morphing into some kind of tablet with a specialized market place and a controller accessory and an HDMI out port.

            I think there'll be newer consoles more often with better components and keep the arcitecture the same making for easy backwards compatibility and then have games run on both systems but scale down graphic settings for older systems.. so like a pc essentially.. One can hope anyway. Makes sense now they all have same architecture

              All that really needs to happen is for a PC interface/OS (such as Steam) to really get refined and then the lounge PC could dominate. Imagine integrating SteamOS with XBMC or Plex. Chuck in support for Netflix/Stan/whatever you want as well as the catch-up TV services and bam... what else do you need?

              Just seems like the Steam OS has stagnated a bit... haven't heard much about it for a while, not that I've really looked.

    so they are going out of their way to enforce graphical parity now. im sure if some sleuth went thru the licencing agreement they wont find the old 360 laws of DISK PARITY no its about lying to people to convince them that the graphics on a console are just as good as pc but we all know that is not true. games industry is dead to pc gamers now. we can only look forward to crap console ports that run worse and look worse on HIGH END pcs. it just amazes me they are able to get away with this. people can deny this all they like but the facts are facts, they are pushing years old tech as latest and greatest next gen hardware when its all a bunch of marketing lies. 30fps and less than 1080 res? what a joke but whats worse is the clueless public buying into all this. pc gamers have always known the truth and console gamers just don't care. so who win.... these disgusting lying corps 30fps being forced because movies run it? the human body is fluid as with most things in a movie, in a game is a jerky mess with animations cut ... ie they have been this way since dx9. dx11 allows for better movements more fluid, but it clearly shows it looks as bad as its always done due to the limit of 30fps. tired of seeing jerky animations and cutscenes. all limitations forced onto pcs that have 10 times the power of a console. cant wait for Star Citizen, that game looks amazing in all its DX11 glory, and they fact they laughed at xbox and ps4 NEVER being able to run this game. that says it all at least they are leading the way in PC gaming and are SHAMING the next gen consoles in what they have produced and basically telling xbox to shove it where the sun don't shine. love it.

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      I don't get your point. The PC version in this reviews was clearly the better one. Admittedly, not by much, but I really don't see the need for a rant; the game looks great in all three anyway and slight differences in resolution is not going to diminish anyone's enjoyment of the game.

      I don't understand what is wrong with you p.c elitists. Sure an expensive gaming rig can beat consoles at 3x the price. Sure the pc footage is nicer on a high end rig, but how many people have $1500 dollar gaming rigs? And are you really stupid enough to say that any version looks bad? And as far as consoles holding gaming back... consoles bring gaming to the masses, drawing in money to be spent on game development therefore, consoles are driving game development. It's better to keep your mouth shut and look like an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Unfortunately viewing the game in high detail is something I cannot do. Despite the issue being reported in alpha and beta and assurances from TRS that it would be resolved at launch, UWQHD resolutions or related aspect ratios are not supported. Was unable to get further than the intro movies as the menus are past the edges of the screen. Alt-F4 and waiting for a patch to make the game useable is required.

    Sigh, I can barely tell the diff, back to the optometrist!

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