Expect A New, Traditional Tony Hawk's Pro Skater This Year Says Tony Hawk

If anyone knows the status of a new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game you'd expect it would be Tony Hawk himself. So when he says we can expect a brand new game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year, you might want to take notice of that. The best news? Tony Hawk has been hinting the series will be going back to its roots.

Lifehacker Australia's Chris Jager spoke to Hawk late last week to get some selfie tips, but took time out to ask him about the status of the once dominant video game franchise.

"We’re working on it, it’ll be coming out later this year on PS4 and Xbox One," he said. "It’s very much in the THPS style of gaming with the same controls. A lot of people think we’re going to change up the control scheme but why would we call it THPS if we were going to change up the way you play it?"

Tony Hawk has been dropping hints about a new game for a while now, both on Twitter and on a Reddit AMA he did last year. But this is perhaps the clearest indicator so far that the game is being worked on and is set for release in 2015.

But more importantly, it appears as though the team is going back to the roots of the series for the upcoming game. After messing around with peripherals and weird diversions, it sounds like the next Tony Hawk's Pro Skater will be a far more traditional affair. I'd say this is a good move for the series. I'd go nuts for a well-made return to a simpler era with online leaderboards ala Trials Fusion. It's been a while since Activision has really properly nailed a Tony Hawk's game. I'm holding out hope for this one. I want to believe.


    New Dave Mirra BMX plox, if only to ride around with this playing.

      Never heard this before, but it almost feels like I'm listening to Heaven Is A Halfpipe.

    Going back to our roots.. Blink 182 and warehouses woo!!

    You know what was a good game, ssx tricky. *sheds a tear*

      Was that the one with a punch button? I love games with punch buttons.

        Yeah i'm pretty sure you could shove people when going past and send them flying. It's been a while..

      This. SSX Tricky was fantastic and I'd love for a new one.

      Better also have Ace Of Spades in there too. Whenever I hear that all i can think of is THPS.

    Personally I'd like a new game similar to THUG, but any game that goes to back to old Tony Hawk is good news

    If they can recapture the fun of THPS3? Go for it.

      Rad game. Big boner right here.

    Please have a decent soundtrack. Please...

      Watch your back because the next man is coming
      And you don't know if the next man is dumbin'
      Survival of the fittest what it is
      I got your back, you got my back, and that's the biz
      Blood is rushing through my veins, I got the power
      Channel the energy and with my strength I will devour
      Sickenin thoughts is runnin' through my head
      That's when I realized I'm glad I'm not dead

      Corruption and it grows
      The salesman of our blood
      For the public's craving
      Existence in the dark

      It's in our nature to destroy ourselves
      It's in our nature to kill ourselves
      It's in our nature to kill each other
      It's out nature to kill, kill, kill

    I'll take a new Pro Skater going back to it's roots. As a series I prefer skate because it lets me be creative but classic arcade style Pro Skater is great to play. Especially the early stuff where it was just you, a map, four minutes, a great song and a bunch of objectives.
    That said, don't let whoever did the achievements for American Wasteland anywhere near it.

    Last edited 24/02/15 8:06 pm

    HD remake?

      Maps from Tony Hawk 1, 2, 3, 4 in a single coherent game with the stat system from 4. Sell more levels later on as DLC. I'll buy them.

    Tony Hawks: American Wasteland was pretty awesome.

    THPS was good, but the lack of Free-roam killed it in my opinion. I was still fun to play though.

    Last edited 24/02/15 8:00 pm

    Playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD on the PS3 really reminded me of why I loved the series in the early years, I couldn't put it down until I got the platinum trophy. Simple enough yet enormously satisfying when you get a perfect run in. If they do it right they can have my money.

      I was thinking of buying THPS HD the other day, then decided to fire up THPS2 on a ps1 emulator instead. Playing with my PS3 controller on my PC, with HD resolution and upscaled textures, and it's an absolute fucking blast! Was totally reminded of why THPS2 is the number 2 highest ranked game on metacritic.

      Can't wait for a new version in the same style!

        I approve, THPS HD is sorta a best of, so you don't get the full experience of any.

    This article made my day.
    I've yearning for this for a very long time


    Now it means EA will release another superior Skate game to compete with them, praise the lord :)

    Yes Sounds Awesome!! Hope they keep it really Old School :)

    Hopefully this will renew interest in skating, and lead to a new Skate!

    Hmm i might just have to go and buy a PS4 then if it ends up being like THPS3, i hall all 3 one PS1 and the first one on my Mac as well. Such great games and god i loved the bull fighting ring map on the mac version

    I'm interested to see how much fun I would have with the arcadey type gameplay after getting so comfortable with Skate.


      Well it's a different company all together which made Skate, but perhaps if THPS brings the style of game back into fashion then EA will put some resources towards a new Skate too.

    Don't toy with my heart Tony, maybe do a PC release as well? Plz? =P

    THPS 3 was the ultimate. That was the pinnacle for me.

    DO IT. I still watch the reward videos on youtube from time to time. No Cigar is etched into my childhood memories.

    Last edited 25/02/15 2:56 pm

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