Fan-Made Dragon Age Trailer Will Pull You Right Back To The War Table 

Fan-Made Dragon Age Trailer Will Pull You Right Back to the War Table

So you left the sprawling beginning area of the latest Dragon Age. Closed lots of breaches. Collected hella herbs. Read as much lore as you could stomach. Puzzled over its ending. Thought you were done? Watch this fan-cut trailer and you'll roll a new character and jump back in.

Just like he's done for GTA V, The Last of Usand loads of other games, Luke Ritson's taken many of the great moments in Bioware's hit open-world RPG and stitched them together into an all-new teaser. The new clip definitely captures the epic sweep of Inquisition and does a good job of calling out the characters that so many players grew to love during their hours with the game.


    Not gonna lie... That gave me goosebumps!

    And yep. I'm gonna fire it up again tonight!

    I would but.... I played Oblivion back in 2006. I didn't need to play the story over again.

    Close derrr poratahls!

    That was great but who's that dood? The Inquisitor's a woman!

      Lol! Sure was and a Qunari to boot!

    Still bummed that I never got to wield the Inquistion sword... It was on my desktop wallpaper and then the whole "I will lead you!" cutscene. And then nope. You only get to use what weapons you've bought or crafted you cretin!

    Speaking of which, did anyone else think the weapons, other than two-handers, looked a bit pissy? Especially on a Qunari? They were appropriately chunky in DA1 and 2.

    But I digress...

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