Fans Do Dragon Ball Z Better Than Hollywood Ever Could

Fans Do Dragon Ball Z Better Than Hollywood Ever Could

Hollywood, you really blew it. Real-life Dragon Ball Z fights can be incredibly cool.

Dubbed Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, this fan-created webseries is based on DBZ's Trunks' backstory. The pilot starts slow, and, yes, some of the acting is dodgy, but stick with it. Light of Hope gets good.

The big set piece fight turned out really well, and the whole thing is done with so much gusto and heart. Can't wait until the series starts to hit its stride.

In case you need a reminder of how terrible Hollywood's Dragon Ball Evolution was, watch this.


    Considering that this skit was done on a $10,000 budget (as that's all that they could raise via donations as people were skeptical as per DB:Evolution) I believe they have proven that with a bigger budget they can achieve more.

    Gohan turning Super Saiyan was *awesome*. I cannot wait to see how it'll go when Trunks goes Super Saiyan.

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    Fuck me that was insane! Have to admit I got goosebumps throughout the whole thing! Can't wait for the next installment!

    At 13mins long, I see they are using time lapse as a feature, no way anyone can significantly power up in that short time... :p

    Between this and the Power Rangers short I've had two consecutive days of nerdgasm.

    Sort of off topic but it always bugged me that Gohan still couldn't beat the Androids after all those years. I think I would have preferred it if they had made the initial Android attack cripple him to a degree, making him useless in combat and leaving the very long term plan of training Trunks as the only option.

      It makes sense, Gohan was never able to tap into his potential without someone driving him, with all his mentors dead nobody would be there to force it out of him like they always did

        Future Gohan also lost his arm protecting Trunks from an attack from Android 18. He still seemed relatively capable afterwards, although I imagine it'd certainly make fighting to your full potential harder.

        It would be a bit of a cop out but technically Goku can still train Gohan. Even if only via a Kai. Plus by that point 90% of their training was just pushing themselves harder. Over 15 (?) years he had quite a good motivator. Even back then he understood that his Gohan rage was very powerful. At some point I seem to remember them thinking that Super Saiyan was a fixed power level because they weren't training as Super Saiyans and that sort of explains it but it still sort of assumes Gohan didn't try to get stronger.

        I dunno, it's perfectly fine because it's just a side story to setup the Cell Saga, but I feel like there's a million reasons why Gohan would have overcome 17 and 18 alone even if it was the main timeline.

        @ashuramgs2sub Yeah. It'd have to be something major to reduce him to just a teacher. Especially when you factor in that Saiyans heal at a rate that stops just short of growing limbs back.

          Remember that the Goku came up with a special kind of training that involved staying in SSJ mode for as long as possible even during normal activities which is what put Gohan in a state where a sudden emotional outburst would push him into SSJ2. That training was not intuitive and even Vegeta got it wrong in spite of training the same amount of compressed time and arguably, much harder. And that left him in a position when he was just equally matched to 17. Even if Gohan achieved that, he couldn't have defeated both 17 and 18 which may explain why he made the difficult choice of bringing a kid into it.

          Perhaps both Gohan and Trunks at the height of their powers (without hitting SSJ2) would have been able to defeat 17+18, but Gohan died when Trunks was still getting there, so all hope was lost.

            I'm a bit rusty but weren't 17 and 18 way, way stronger in the new timeline Trunks created? I seem to remember a throwaway comment about them not being the same and maybe being stronger, which would be a pretty standard move for DragonballZ. Like I said I'm happy to forgive it since the point is that the world went to crap when Goku died and future Gohan is by far my favourite Gohan, it just nags at me that Gohan hits this plateau and stays there for like 15 years even though the world desperately needs him to be stronger. Especially since over those 15 years he grew into this badass mentor for Trunks.

              I absolutely love future Gohan too, definitely best Gohan. The biggest issue with Gohan is that he never had that same passion for fighting that his father did, and always had to rely on others to push his strength forward. I believe it was the death of everyone in the 'future' timeline that caused future Gohan's Super Saiyan transformation, but without Goku's additional training and guidance in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, there was no way for him to become powerful enough to take the androids on his own. I don't think he necessarily plateaued during those 15 years either, but SSJ2 is such a significant power boost that 15 years of (unguided) training wouldn't have got his SSJ1 form anywhere near a comparable power level. Had Trunks been at a similar power level though? It definitely would've been a closer fight against the androids.

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    It still baffles me how DB Evolution even came to be, who in Hollywood thought it would be a good idea? Who said this is the story Dragon Ball fans want? Who the hell was the test audience?

    Very damn awesome.

    Looks really good! I still feel the pain as a DBZ fan by watching DB Evolution (though it was hilarious in it's own way), i was skeptical that it could be done well as live action but i hope they do more videos!

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