First Look At The New Aquaman

First Look At The New Aquaman

Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder just tweeted a poster that gives us our first look at another of the movie's stars: Jason Momoa — aka Khal Drogo — as Aquaman

It's just a poster, so there's no reason to go nuts one way or the other, but the "scales" tattoos are a nice touch!

Batman, Superman and everyone else in this movie had best remember: this is not a man to be f**ked with.


    Freakin' love it. Mixes so many old elements while creating a new one. Great work!

    I love it, but at the same time it's so gritty mcgrimdark DC.

      Zac does love his filters, if you see the set pictures of superman, you can see that his suit is brighter. So its not all mcgrimdark (though I got no qualms about that)


      I actually read that out loud in John DiMaggio's voice. Best Aquaman EVER.

    Well it cant be worse than his try at being Conan....

    It looks great as an image but I worry that he will look goofy moving about.

    This IS outrageous. Only Vincent Chase can play Aquaman...

      And not having James Cameron direct is just plain offensive.

    Hot diggity dog. I'm all for this movie now. I don't care who else is in it.

    They can make the letters on the poster as large as they like - the voice in my head still said "Release the Kraken!" when I read it.

    Now with exclamation mark!

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