Game Lets You Run A Pro Counter-Strike Team

Game Lets You Run a Pro Counter-Strike Team

CSManager (via PCGamesN) is basically Football Manager, but replacing football with the competitive world of Counter Strike.

Having seen what the original football version can do to some people, and knowing how passionate Counter-Strike players are, this is vaguely terrifying. As the manager of a virtual team you have to take control of the finances, pick the players' gear, schedule training, decide on tactics, try to sign new talent and loads more.

Those decisions and choices then play out via matches on 2D versions of actual CS maps, with the action unfolding as tiny dots run around the screen shooting at each other. If you've made the right calls, trained your team well, and picked some strong strategies then everything will work out fine. Or you'll lose. Both will probably involve screaming at the screen as little circles wobble about.

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    Is there an option to cheat and fix matches?

    "Larry was caught with hacks. Your team is now banned and stripped".

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