Game Where You Build Stupid Stuff But It Actually Works

Besiege is a devilishly simple, physics-based building game. You can create machines of destruction with ease. For a game in Alpha, it's surprising how polished Besiege feels. I was creating absurd death machines within a few of minutes. Sure, some of them weren't exactly structurally sound, often resulting in a horrid crumpled mess, but the process of iterating on a design is just so fulfilling that I didn't mind.

You can see some of my successes, and failures, up above.

Besiege is available as early access on Steam and through the developer's website.

Send me your cool creations!

Yes! I'd love to see your Besiege creations. If I get enough of them I'll make a video of the best — or worst — ones. So get building!

Just save your wacky/stupid/great creation and attach the .bsg file to an email (the files are only a few kbs) and send it to: ohleoimadesomethingcool"at"

Provide a username, pseudonym, or however you want to be credited. You could even say hello in the email if you wish. That would be nice.



    I love your videos Leo

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    I was pleased with my creation:

    This game is freaking awesome - was trying to get a proper steering war machine, but I haven't been able to stop the thing from destroying itself! I bet Leonardo da Vinci never had to put up with this!!

      I use the steering hinge, rather than the steering block - find it much easier to steer with:

        That's a cool little machine you've built - I just love messing with the game. I laugh so hard at myself when the machine turns in on itself and breaks apart - so much fun!

      Reenforce your constructions as well with the braces. You may also want to try a suspension block as it can turn some of that bending motion that is breaking your frame into a softer bounce that it will survive.

    Wish the game had more levels, I've chewed through them pretty fast but oh boy was that fantastic.

    Of all the creations I like, this one is my favourite so far. I call it the OverCompensator.

      For an alpha its pretty well put together (its closer to a beta/release). Fortunately new levels are coming, can't wait.

    Hell yes! It's like a darker version of Fantastic Contraption

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