Go And See GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies At The Cinema

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies has been a long time coming. It's survived two Kickstarters, multiple overseas trips and seemingly hundreds of interviews to create what looks to be an incisive and interesting feature-length documentary. I say "looks like" because I haven't actually seen it. Soon, thanks to a planned cinema showing, I'll be able to rectify that.

At SMG Studios in Paddington, Sydneyon April 1, kicking off at 6.30 you'll be able to attend a cinema screening of the movie and, for most people, that will be your first chance to see the Australian-made documentary we've been covering for seemingly ages.

I'm super keen for this, not just because it seems like a super well-made documentary, but also because of the heavy input of so many local Australian developers. It seems like I've been waiting years to watch this flick.

You can buy tickets for the showing and get more details on what's happening here, or check out the Facebook event page.


    So ... I'm a pretty proud Kickstarter backer of this doco and have been following Lester and Anna's progress as they jet around the world. While it's a warm fuzzy feeling to see Kickstarter projects reach completion, I'm not sure why I'm hearing about the Australia launch via Kotaku and it wasn't part of the regular mail-out.

    Before you lay into me for having a whinge. I'm allowed to. I paid good money to be on-board with this.
    Here's all the dates backers were sent 7 days ago:

    World Premiere - GDC15: Thursday March 5th at 8pm @ AMC Metreon Cinema, San Francisco.
    Special PAX screening - PAXEast: Friday March 6th at 10pm
    Australian Premiere - Melbourne & Sydney: April 2nd - Venues TBC
    Belgium Premiere - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: 7-19 April
    German Premiere - A MAZE/Berlin: April 22-25
    Online - early April

    Kickstarter's updates seem to go in cycles - if you've got a few of them on the go, you'll often get 3-4 updates at once. Perhaps it saves on bandwidth somehow.

    Given this news looks like it's only come out today, I'd suggest there's good odds that an update will pop up in the next 24 hours or so.

    The Melbourne release looks like it's just been updated too. It's at the Palace Kino at 7pm on the 1st of April.

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      Still no update in my inbox but cheers for Melb launch info!

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