GTA Dog Forgot How To Dog

GTA Dog Forgot How To Dog

On today's Highlight Reel we have dogs falling down, exploding helicopters, hitchhikers and more!

Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world.


    Looking at that GIF: you know it's a console since it isn't a smooth camera movement >.

      And also because its the only way you can play it.

        Yeah, that's what I meant. That's why I can never give up my precious mouse.

          I love mouse and keyboard as well, but there will always be a place for consoles. I have a decent computer but I still game a lot on my X1.

            Maybe for those Yakuza games i'll switch over to a console.

    Just wondering why they put a gif that wrecks the joke, as well as a video. Just put one or the other. Preferably the video.

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