GTA V Player Finally Nails Stunt After 16 Frustating Tries

GTA V Player Finally Nails Stunt After 16 Frustating Tries

The thing that makes this video so hard to turn away from isn't the success. It's all the stubbornness of trying to get there.

We've all been there: some weird idea about a gameplay feat gets into your head and you just can't shake it. That's clearly what happened to the player in this video from the TeamPower AwesomeTeam YouTube channel, who's going to try to the narrow platform of this Los Santos bridge if it kills him. Which it does. Multiple times. Attempts #8, 12, 14 and 15 (why are you on fire) are my favourites.

But when he finally lands on the other side... you just want to smoke a cigarette, don't you?


    Is this the new thing?

    Post gifs, don't embed video?

      No, it has been going on for years now.

      They don't even use HTML5 FFS

    All of his failed attempts were him just not trying. I mean seriously, the whole thing could have been done so much easier if he just took it a bit slower.

    I find what makes it more appealing is the day to night transition in the game... even though it's a couple of mins, the transition makes it seem as though the person has been attempting the stunt for the entire day.

    Finally success as night draws near...

      Yeah that really made it all the more dramatic. The firey explosion run was pretty great too! :P

    Riding a motorbike in shorts while barefoot...... It's like GTA QLD edition

    His sensitivity was just TOO DAMN HIGH

    That's why.

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