GTA V's Los Santos Vs The Real Los Angeles

GTA V's Los Santos vs The Real Los Angeles

Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V may be a caricature of Los Angeles, but that doesn't make it complete fiction. Like the best caricatures, it shares its foundations with the real thing, as you'll see in these images which compare certain landmarks in the game with their LA counterparts.

Sure, some of the scenery around them might be off, but that's the nature of trimming a real city as vast as LA into something more manageable for a video game.

Below are a few examples, but you'll see way more at GTAist, complete with fancy sliders.

GTA V's Los Santos vs The Real Los Angeles
GTA V's Los Santos vs The Real Los Angeles
GTA V's Los Santos vs The Real Los Angeles


    gta4 was similar , I would see a film or show on NYC and go damn I shot down a police chopper over that building

    It must be weird living in LA and playing GTA V.

      I think you mean 'It must be weird living in LA. ' Fullstop.
      Insert smiley face thanks Siri. End comment.

      I dunno, I always thought it would be cool to run around a sandbox of a familiar area.
      As technology like maps and virtual reality become more advanced it's only a matter of time.

        I remember making my house in Quake. I put a demon in place of my mum.

          I remember doing the same in Doom. And putting a secret door in my wardrobe that accessed a room with hidden powerups.

        I loved running around New York to find GTA 4 sites. Hell, even visiting the spot the garbage trucks park on the West Side of Manhattan got me a little excited.

        The real New York, was, of course, much much bigger. ;)

      About as weird as it was being a Londoner playing The Getaway.

    So what we can take from these screenshots is that the in-game mobile phone has much better daylight visibility than the iPhone does.

      Glad to know I am not the only one that made note of that.

      Ah, there's always one, isn't there ? ;-)

        Well, it's not exactly a fair comparison, but it's interesting to see how big the difference is.

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