Guy Breaks Super Mario 64 World Record By Accident

Guy Breaks Super Mario 64 World Record By Accident

There's a new world record for getting all 120 stars in Super Mario 64 quickly — and it's kind of amazing that it happened at all.

Yesterday, a speedrunner known as Nero raced against other speedrunner, Puncayshun. The goal was to see who could get to 120 stars first — that is, to try to beat each other. And despite saving and quitting during his run twice — which added to his overall run time — Nero not only managed to beat Puncayshun, he also got a record time for completion (1:42:15.92). You can watch the entire run here:

According to, the previous record was held by puncayshun, in a run that clocked in at 1:42:32. This new run by nero is an improvement by seconds, but that's all it takes!


    Thanks for describing what a race is, and not giving any detail into how this specific event occurred and what made it unique. I'll do my own research later. Alright, yeah... this was a good talk. Carry on...

      I was also looking for a bit more information as to what he actually did.

    I've just watched the first 9 mins of this run and it's pretty spectacular - this guy seems to know the geometry of the level perfectly - his first star is the chain chomp one - not by stomping on the post but by using a bo-bomb explosion to launch himself thru the bars.

    Watching his 100 coin run thru Thwomps Fortress is like watching an artist at work

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    100 coins on Tick Tock Clock. Worst star ever.

    I once got 100 coins on a Bowser level but nothing happened.

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