Halo 5's Best Killing Streak So Far...

Perhaps 'streak' is the wrong word, but I can't describe it any other way! During the recent Halo 5 beta, only one player managed to receive the 'Killpocalypse' medal was a player called 'Omnipression'. How does one receive a Killpocalypse? He has to kill nine players within four seconds of each other. Suffice to say, it's really bloody difficult to get this medal.

Which is why only one, single player managed to get it during the beta, which is sort of incredible in itself.

You can check out the actual moment itself above, as uploaded by Omnipression. He only found out today, like the rest of us, that he was the only player in the beta to achieve the Killpocalypse feat, after being featured in an infographic released by 343 Industries earlier today.

Perhaps the real tragedy of this footage is that Omnipression came so, so close to getting one more kill for Killionaire — ten kills within four seconds of one another.


    That voice over is really annoying. I know they're taking inspiration from Unreal Tournament, but it doesn't quite work here.

      Oh man, I love the Halo announcer.

      Playing Destiny with that announcer would be amazing.

    So, if anyone else is confused - I misread that as he has to kill 9 players within four seconds of each other, as in, 9 kills in four seconds. Apparently not the case, you have four seconds from each kill. Still impressive, but much less so.

    Edit: (hmm.. I realize the writer clarifies this on the final line, It just did not come across well on the last sentence of the first paragraph)

    Last edited 06/02/15 1:41 pm

      If you play Halo you would know that this is extremely difficult and barely ever occurs to the average player. I have only ever gotten one in years of playing across all games.

    I could only manage 9 deaths within 4 seconds of each other :(

    I know its not easy but still it looked like the enemies just fed themselves to him, they had poor reaction times to say the least and it seems way too easy to use that battle rifle - didn't seem all that special.

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