Here's 24 Minutes Of Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay Footage

People who know their JRPGs, they keep telling me: "Xenoblade Chronicles X, that's the game you should be getting excited about". This 24 minute gameplay video is doing a decent job of convincing me to follow their advice.

Warning: it's in Japanese, but if you're looking to get a broad idea of how Xenoblade X will look and play. The game is coming out in Japan this coming April, no word on when we'll see an English translation, but it'll most likely be released in Australia at some point in 2015.


    doesn't really show the combat which was extremely disappointing :-( for a 24min gameplay trailer

    But this does look like a really interesting title for the Wii U, one which will be added to me extremely small collection (Mario Kart, Mario 3d world, Bayonetta 1 & 2 and wind waker)

    My only worry about this is that despite its title, the game actually has very little to nothing to do with Xenoblade Chronicles, and they seem to be changing some things that made Xenoblade Chronicles so awesome in the first place. For example there's no Shulk or any of the original cast, and you don't even play as a defined character, instead creating your own silent protagonist by the look of things. I'm not sure I dig that.

    Still, it looks pretty sweet. Xenoblade Chronicles was already a huge game, and this looks to be even bigger. Between this, the new Zelda and Witcher 3, I'm going to be losing a lot of hours.

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      Yeah, this is what has me worried too. Especially now they confirmed it's a multiplayer game. I'm not sure it's actually going to be a proper JRPG like the original. More and more it gives me the vibe that it's going to be a light-on-story open-world monster hunter clone.

        Sounds good to me :P

          Yeah, but you don't even play JRPGs do you? I'm not sure what audience they're targeting.

            Not if I can help it :P Xenoblade was cool though, really should finish it.

        Takahashi (executive director) tweeted earlier that 'We're writing a deeper, heavier sci-fi story this time, compared to the basic fantasy that Xenoblade was'. So yeah, there should be no concerns over a deeper story. It's there. They're just holding their cards really close in that regard while showing us the improvements they've made to the quest system (making them more interesting with more backstory and game world repercussions through the unions) and the exploration (mechs, running, jumping, gamepad utilization etc).

        Also this 24 min video was SPECIFICALLY about exploration and the world. At the end Elma says 'next time we'll teach you the skills you need to survive, so the next episode will be about battle, and there's already other footage out there about the battle system, but they'll explain in more depth next episode (perhaps in a few weeks?)

      From your description, for some reason it reminds me of White Knight Chronicles. Silent protagonist that is part of the team that I didn't even use and just plain creepy appearing at the back of every cutscene and not speaking at all.

      It seems like they're going for the more gormless character designs of xenosaga. That and the low focus on story certainly has me worried.

        Yeah, one of the best things about Xenoblade was its strong story and characters. There seems to be less emphasis on that in this follow up, which is concerning.

      From what I understand, the "Xeno" games (Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade) have had very little to do with each in the past beyond the word Xeno in the title and a few common themes. It's a wonder they didn't do that here. Called it... I dunno, Xenosphere or something?

      I never got to play XC because was hard to find a copy where I was (more so one that wasn't over $100 AUSD), so am looking forward to the NEW 3DS re-realease of it.

    The way I think of it, it's like a Final Fantasy game. Each entry is its own game, it just shares the name and some bits and pieces in common (eg Xenoblade X will have a noppon like creature, like Riki).
    I'm ok with it being not a direct sequel. It means they're not restricted by the previous game and can do whatever.
    After seeing the presentation I just want this game now! LOL It just looks so good. Will be great to explore the areas (5x the size of Xenoblade Wii!!). My guess is that the game will come a few months before Zelda U (in the latter half of the year).
    In the meantime I'm looking forward the New 3DS port in April. I played Xenoblade Wii over 2 years ago, so my memory is sketchy and I want to see the game world in 3D!!

    It looks pretty amazing so far. Definitely one of the most ambitious titles I've seen from a Japanese developer in a long, long time. I only got a little time with Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, so I'll be picking up the 3DS version for sure, and giving it a play through before X drops. Going by the music in the video, the soundtrack looks like it will be a lot of fun too!

    I just want to play a remaster of the original on wiiU - well if they could release it on PC or PS4 that would be even better. I didn't play the original, so I wouldn't mind trying it.

    XC was my favourite Wii game and I've seen nothing to suggest that XCX won't be just as good, if not better. It looks great!

    My only, ever so small, gripe is the way that the monster at the 11-minute mark reacts when killed. Seems a little bit out of place.

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