Here's Super Mario Sunshine Being Played At A Silky Smooth 60fps

Let's not get into a discussion about framerate caps on consoles and just enjoy this awesome achievement from the folks behind the GameCube emulator Dolphin. Using a couple of neat hacks, the Dolphin team has managed to get Super Mario Sunshine and a few other games running at 60 frames per second on the emulator and boy, does it look damn smooth.

Dolphin's JMC47 posted about the hack yesterday on the emulator's website and provided a video showing off Sunshine's unlocked, super-buttery gameplay.

For the more technically-minded, or just those interested in what's happening behind the scenes, JMC47 explains the details:

Super Mario Sunshine's current 60 FPS hack comprises of three (and an optional fourth) part. Firstly, the vbeam speedhack has to be turned on in order to modify the timings of the emulator. It's possible that simply flipping Dolphin's framelimit to run at 120 FPS would be fine, but the emulator stretches audio at non-standard framerates, blocking this possiblity for now.

Secondly, a small game patch is applied. This actually makes the gameplay run half speed at 30 FPS. Thirdly, Dolphin's audio timings are modified to run at half speed; so the game also sounds normal at double speed. Lastly, on some versions of the hack, the level select cheat is required to get into certain stages.

Sunshine isn't the only GameCube game where this hack (or at least, the idea behind it) allowed for faster framerates. Both Pikmin and Pikmin 2, along with Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, were valid candidates, with Pikmin 2 at 60fps shown below:

It's like some sort of retro-Nintendo Christmas. Except it's February.

Game Modification: 60 FPS Hacks in Dolphin [Dolphin-emu, via Reddit]


    You've ruined my cinematic Pikmin experience! It's like watching a soap opera of Pikmin. You've taken away all the realism.

    Super Mario Sunshine was an under appreciated classic. Damn that was a gorgeous departure from the norm for nintendo.

      With Majora’s Mask about to be released again, it’s a timely reminder of how good Nintendo can be when they do new things.

      Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Mario Sunshine (to a lesser extent) and Mario Galaxy are all games that succeeded when they broke away from what I’d consider to be the obvious, quick satisfaction crowd pleasers (ie just churning out new OOT’s or Mario 64’s respectively).

      It makes me worry when you look at the new Zelda that it’s just an attempt to chase the ‘open world’ trend, except without the hardware to deliver what the new-gen consoles are with games like Dragon Age or Witcher 3.

      Loved this game, came bundled with my gamecube, not sure how many shine things I got through... a fair chunk of them. Still have it floating around although don't really need it since I discovered nintendont for the wii lol.

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