Hotline Miami 2 Voicemail Is Weird As Hell

Hotline Miami 2 Voicemail Is Weird As Hell

If someone asked you to dial a random phone number, what are you gonna do? Not call it and find out what’s on the other end? That’s doubly true if it’s from the creators of Hotline Miami.

We know Hotline Miami 2 isn’t far off, but an official date has eluded us. Or does it? It looks like the phone number in question might hold the secret to when we’ll finally be playing the sequel.

What happens when you call that number? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Listen below: I won’t blame you for not catching everything there. Thankfully, I’ve transcribed it for you:

We are 50 blessings.

Together we march.


Into the future.

You have reached the wrong number.

Maybe I’ll make that my new voice mail, too.

The running theory is that we’ve just been given the release date the bloody action game. If Hotline Miami 2 is coming in early 2015, March fits the timeframe. In the tweet, the extension listed is 10. There’s no option to punch in an extension when you call the phone number, though, so it’s not a leap to wonder if the number is simply part of the larger riddle playing out.

Is Hotline Miami 2 coming out on March 10? Probably.


  • March 10 is a Tuesday which fits with US PSN release timing as well.

    Of course it’s a bit of a moot point since the game’s banned here.

    • Grab a US PSN account and either use an AMEX card to make the purchase, or grab a digital points card from Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the game, you can even play it on your regular Australian account.

      • Yep, I use US PSN for everything now. 🙂

        EDIT: Also it’s cheaper to buy the point cards from Amazon, assuming you can fake a US billing address (which should be fine for most debit cards). Play-Asia have a few dollars markup on the point cards, but with Amazon it’s just the US Dollar amount, so a $100 point card costs $100.

        • Nice! I’ve always been a bit wary of faking a US billing address on purchases with my credit card though. Feel like it’s the sort of thing that could come back to bite me in the ass.

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