How Final Fantasy XV Does Pre-Render And Real-Time

How Final Fantasy XV Does Pre-Render and Real-Time

In Final Fantasy XV, pre-rendered and real-time graphics do look different. Not that different, apparently.

Recent Japanese magazine scans show a pre-render and real-time comparison for FFXV character Cidney, the first female Cid.

While she's not a playable character, Cidney appears as an in-game mechanic.

Below, you can see the images via GermanFFBlog and website Gamekana:

How Final Fantasy XV Does Pre-Render and Real-Time

Of course, these are still images, and thus, should be viewed with slight suspicion. Seeing the character in motion would show an even wider rift between them.

But as Square Enix showed off last year, the game also seems to look lovely in real time. If true in the final game, the days of a wide pre-render and real-time gap are numbered.


    I don't know about the rest of you. But I'm really preferring the pre-render shading and lighting over the real time.

    Bleg, why does she have to be so sexualized?

      Because how else are you gonna know she's a giiiiiiirrrrrrrllllllll.

      Why do people have a problem with boobs in games? boobs are awesome.

      Tell me what planet it is you live on where no single girl ever shows cleavage or skin.

      It's progressive. Cid has always been male.

      take that patriarchy.

    There are some visible difference in the occlusion accuracy, one being sample based and the other using Ray Tracing for pre-rendered.

      Look at you trying to be all technical when there's boobs to look at.

    I agree with all the previous comments related to boobs and graphics.

    Pre-Render shows more boob. I can play with that.

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