How The Super Bowl Is Going To Play Out, According To Nintendo

How The Super Bowl Is Going To Play Out, According To Nintendo

After an insane weekend of sport where Australia won the Asian Cup and Novak Djokovic broke my fragile Scottish heart by bagelling Murray in the final set of the Australia Open, there’s still more to come. The Super Bowl kicks off this morning, and Nintendo of America has already declared its allegiance: it wants the Seattle Seahawks to win, as evidenced by this GIF featuring Toad wrecking New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski with a red shell.

It all makes perfect sense given the face that Nintendo’s American headquarters are based just outside of Seattle. Also, the tweet above, to Seahawk’s running back Marshawn Lynch, makes sense given the fact that he admitted, in an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer, that he loves Mario Kart and Toad is his favourite character.

I doubt the red shells will be involved, but the Super Bowl kicks off at 10.30am and you can watch from 10.00am on Seven.

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  • Novak is a champ but that final was really strange to watch. Anyway, I care not for NFL. It’s just too slow of a sport for me. But, for what it’s worth, I expect the Patriots to win.

  • This definitely wasn’t the best Aussie Open, no classic night matches this year (guess we’ve been spoiled). The best match was perhaps Murray/Dimitrov. I still think Murray will win this tournament one day, at his best (ie the last 3 sets against Berdych, and the 2nd set in the final) he’d be hard to beat even for Djokovic. Obviously his biggest problem is the inability to focus at critical times. His best match against Djokovic in Melb was the 2012 SF, went down fighting in the 5th. I think that was also when he first started working with Lendl.

    • Well Lendl has fallen by the way side for Mauresmo now. Interesting choice, she was a great player in her own right but untested as a coach. Murray has the skills of a great player but not the mental fortitude. If he ever wants to be considered in the same field as Emerson, Federer, Nadal, Sampras, Borg, Laver and so on, then he has to work on his mental game and the ability to play tough and long matches without the requirement of going to his box after every tough point. In my eyes, he has lost too many to come back and win enough to be considered great.

      • It’s a bit unfair because every player outside the Big 4 would be thrilled with a career that consists of 2 Slams and a dozen runner-ups, not to mention all the Masters titles. Obviously it’s just frustrating because we know Murray is capable of much more. He’s also a bit unlucky in that he’s always had to play Fed or Djokovic in those finals, he never had the luxury of playing less talented players like Philippoussis, Baghdatis, Soderling or Tsonga in the title match. I can still see him winning 2-3 more before he ends his career though.

        • I agree. I think he will get another 2 or 3 and that would be well deserved and about right for him.

    • I have to agree. Right up to the men’s final there was something about this year’s Aus Open that just failed to capture the magic in comparison to previous years.

      The Asian Cup down under definitely took priority for me as it is likely to be a once in a lifetime event. Fantastic to see the Socceroos take out a piece of silverware on home soil.

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