I'd Totally Watch A Movie Made Using Grand Theft Auto V

Watching these videos made me realise two things. One, there are a lot of talented people in this world and that's terrifying. Two, I'd totally watch a feature length movie conceived and shot using Grand Theft Auto V. Especially if it looked and felt like this.

The first example there, for example, is super basic. Not much going on. Just someone walking to a car and driving it over a hill. Pfft, who cares, right? But the editing, the framing and the pacing? It's perfect.

Both the above and the below were created by a Stokens, a YouTuber who shoots and records most of his work in actual games. The video below integrates dialogue from No Country With Old Men with scenery shot in Grand Theft Auto V and it looks phenomenal. Imagine a whole movie shot like this.

The world created in video games are truly phenomenal. I think we're all aware of that on some level, but when place in this context, by someone with a cinematographer's eye, it's immediately apparent just how phenomenal. The rickety shacks, the signposts we drive past without thinking: someone built that. It was designed. Sometime that fact can be a little mindblowing.

Anyway, I totally recommend checking out Stokens YouTube channel. There's so much cool video game footage there and it's all shot with a discerning eye. Really beautiful stuff.


    There's a GTA4 movie called 'Trashmaster'. it's kind of long-winded, but might tickle your fancy.

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