If GLaDOS Narrated Pokémon's Pokedex 

If GLaDOS Narrated Pokémon's Pokedex

I would watch an entire show in this "Pokedex" style. The voice behind the Pokedex is just so soothing.

Check out Versiris' "Animated Pokedex" project — this first video kicks it off with Cubone, one of the more tragic Pokémon around. Even if you've heard all about how much Cubone misses its mum, it's nice to see the story told via animation:

I'm looking forward to whatever monsters get highlighted in the next episode!


    Nah , I like the old school one ;)

    So, anyone else come here for cubone mocking given the title ?
    "as it turns out, cubone was abandoned at birth"
    "...so nobody has actually seen its real face... not that they'd want to"

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