If Scarface Was An 8-Bit Video Game

We've already had a Scarface video game, albeit one that ignored the 'corruption of the American dream' theme and gave its players a 'balls' meter instead. I'd much have preferred something like this: an 8-bit Double Dragon with guns, cocaine and a button bashing mini-game where Manny tries to seduce a woman using his tongue.

Yeah, I'd probably play this game.

This is the latest in Cinefix's brilliant 8-Bit Cinema series. I love this series with a passion. They haven't had a dud yet and this is no exception.


    I remember Scarface had a pretty fun GTA SA clone on PS2. I think it was called Scarface: The World is Mine.

    It had a "Balls" meter

      This game is still in my pile of shame lol - I believe it takes place AFTER the movie right? Lol. looked fun

        Yes. It's an alternate ending to the film.

        And yes it is a *lot* of fun. Very underrated IMO. Doing a big coke deal gets you like $10 million so you can garishly furnish your mansion.

        I have to agree with Bato, it's really good. Definitely one of my favorite video games. I really loved the music too.

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