I'm Getting Really Sick Of People Stealing My Stuff, King Of Thieves

From Zeptolab, makers of the adorable mobile puzzler Cut the Rope comes King of Thieves, an asynchronous multiplayer burglary competition to see can make me angry enough to burst a blood vessel.

Like a bite-sized Clash of Clans, King of Thieves is a game in which players create a base, set up defenses, and then watch the notification screen as player-after-player waltzes through your carefully-laid traps as if they weren't there, stealing your gems and lowering your rank on the leaderboards.

I'm Getting Really Sick Of People Stealing My Stuff, King Of Thieves

Rather than building up a slew of troops and sending them to another player's base to be slaughtered, King of Thieves takes a more approach to ruining other people's days — platforming.

In order to rob another player, you first have to unlock the door to their base, using up your stock of time-replenishing keys in the process. Once in your avatar must navigate the player-placed security system using simple touch-based platforming in order to reach their treasure and claim your prize. It's got a very Super Meat Boy vibe, which I adore.

I'm Getting Really Sick Of People Stealing My Stuff, King Of Thieves

While the art direction is 100 per cent Cut the Rope, the gameplay is far removed from that relaxing puzzler. Platforming through perilous passageways requires pinpoint accuracy against more advanced players, and less advanced players are hardly worth raiding.

The overall goal of King of Thieves is to advance up the leaderboards by stealing other people's gems, all the while protecting your gem processing operation from intrusion. Rack up more points than other players before the round resets and its on to the next bracket. Join or create your own guild for some social backup.

I'm Getting Really Sick Of People Stealing My Stuff, King Of Thieves

I love the concept, but several aspects of King of Thieves' design are incredibly frustrating. For one, players who invest real cash in coins have a distinct advantage over other players. They will be able to break into more opponents' bases more often, upgrade their base faster and generally amass points like a mad point-amassing machine.

Then there's the whole asynchronous multiplayer thing, a lovely concept that's executed in such a way that a wily player can easily keep others from raiding their stash.

I'm Getting Really Sick Of People Stealing My Stuff, King Of Thieves

Player is online. Player is under shield. Player is already under attack — that's a good one. Earlier today as I attempted to log on I got this one:

I'm Getting Really Sick Of People Stealing My Stuff, King Of Thieves

Oh, fuck you.

As I've typed this I've been raided three times by other players. Odds are those other players are still online, and there's nothing I can do to get them back until they aren't. I can only imagine the frustration grows the further I journey up the leaderboards, so why bother?

If you enjoy competitive multiplayer mobile games but grow tired of the same old Clash of Clans clones, King of Thieves is a breath of fresh air. It just so happens this breath of fresh air really makes me want to hit people.


    I don't know what it is, but I just don't get the appeal of mobile games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.

    Also, get off my god damn lawn!

      Those are two completely different genres of games???

    So like almost every mobile game out there now "For one, players who invest real cash in coins have a distinct advantage over other players". Why do people still complain about this? Why shouldn't people who fund the developer get an advantage over the free-loaders? This applies to almost every facet of life.

      Because gaming, up until a few years ago was about establishing superiority over a machine or another human via your skill, agility, tactics, intelligence or cunning. Doing that with money? We already have that in real life, every single minute of our lives.

        I will have you know that within a day I reached the top of the Wooden League without spending a single cent. It is still about establishing superiority over a machine or another human via your skill, agility, tactics, intelligence or cunning.

        Then for $5.00, which anyone should have, I got 300 orbs and made my fortress unraidable while I continued to steal from others and now, less than 3 days after I started I have over 15,000 gem value, which is 2000 more than 2nd place on the Wooden League board and I have over three times as many gems as rank 5 and below.

        You just need to be agressive and not care if someone steals from you, it is a free pass to take revenge and invade their dungeon which, because so many cannot design good defenses means FREE GEMS!!. I don't have a gen worth less than 700 right now in my chest mostly because of other peoples rituals. My gem mines are making me money, that is all.

        But rituals are important too. My top three gems, which I made through rituals, admittedly of mostly stolen gems, total over 10,000 in value combined. I cannot be removed from the top three of the wooden league, except by some serious raiding of other peoples dungeons, like i did, as my totem broke and I am using the remaining time to upgrade before moving to the green area in the world.

        It is all about strategy. Don't upgrade your gems while upgrading your traps. And don't worry about rushing. You have all the time in the world. If you don't make the top three this week, there is always next week.

        So come on!! I welcome you to invade my dungeon and hey, if you make out with something good from me, congratulations!! :) Just means i need better defenses and I am going to need to steal it back!!

        Just have fun, it is a game. Who cares if you get robbed, you ARE robbing others, What goes around comes around.

        Bye now, need to check on my gold mine so that I can see if I can afford to make my next upgrade!

    Reminds me of The Castle Doctrine with pretty graphics. A cool idea.

    Deleted this pretty quickly after I got it for the same reasons. Those push notifications every time you get raided (which can be turned off, I know), and the fact that people kept stealing my gems just before they upgraded really agitated me. It wasn't that I hated the game, I just knew if I kept going i'd become obsessed with it.

    Ive been playing this since Friday or Saturday and i am ADDICTED! I love playing and a few tips i have learnt.
    If someone steals your gem (dont stress too hard) you just need to look at how many deaths each player has when they raid you and if it isnt many each time then that tells you your defenses are pretty crap so fix them asap. You can also use this to your advantage if your ritual is close to finishing and you can see that the gem thief fluked your gem then you can insert a real expensive gem and get an awesome pay off for little risk.
    It really should be hard for you to get 2 saves on your own dungeon you know what trick you need to do to complete it and it is down to luck and perfect timing to get it juuuuust right.
    I would also suggest to save your gems for when you want to upgrade your dungeon weapons
    So you play for 10-15mins get enough gold to upgrade your weapons, and then quickly use those gems to complete it instantly. You get quite a few gems for free so you can do this for at least the first 5 upgrades of each weapon.
    When you are finished that session get rid of your gold if you can, so either buy an upgrade for your gold mine or upgrade a weapon so you have no gold, this will make your dungeon less desirable for other players and they will most likely skip your 100gold dungeon for a more profitable choice.

    I am sure there are heaps more things i could suggest but i will leave it at that for now, the text i have already entered shows me how addicted i am to this game and its kinda scaring me a little.

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    I downloaded King of Thieves after reading this article yesterday and it's quite a lot of fun. Great idea and keys (used to break into other players' Castles) don't take too long to regenerate.

    Newest Clash Of Clans Resources Generator

    I disagree that this game is a pay to win. I've been playing it for a month now and i'm already in the king's league (the last one) and in third place there right now. I have earned, in the meantime, more than 1200 orbs approximately, which theoretically you have to pay to get it, but they give so many different ways to earn it that it doesn't matter. I'm having a lot of fun with it, although kind obsessed by it,lol

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