It Ain't Easy Being A GTA Superhero

It Ain't Easy Being A GTA Superhero

The stuff we see in superhero movies is usually the action, or things relevant to the story. What about everything that happens in-between those moments? What is that stuff like? One GTA machinima series finds out.

Here's the story of Commandoflauge's "Pigman", a superhero in GTA that has it tough. He's not that fit, for one. And finding a costume? That's harder than you think. And, naturally, actually going through and saving people comes with its own set of problems, too. It's kind of hilarious to watch.

Here's part one:

And here's part two:

Damn. That scene with the couple got real, huh?


    Kinda off topic, but I'd really like to see a GTA: Gotham City. With only cameo appearances from the major baddies / Batman, but more like the current Gotham TV series, where you try and work your way up the ranks of the mafia(s) in Gotham. Maybe a couple of difficult missions that get your wanted stars up to 5, the bat signal goes up and you have to try and outrun bats.

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