It’s A Commodore 64. But It’s A Phone.

It’s A Commodore 64. But It’s A Phone.
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Massimo Battaglia has a dream and that dream is simple: for Commodore to have a crazy resurgence, somehow get into the mobile phone game and make this, a Commodore 64 themed Android phone that, actually, looks pretty schmick. I know I’d buy one, and I was a Spectrum guy!

Just to confirm: this isn’t a project that is actually happening, just a cool little design exercise, in which Battaglia attempts to take the principles of the original Commodore 64’s design and apply them to modern mobile phone design. The end result sort of looks like a cross between the HTC One and um… a Commodore 64 mouse? Or the rounded shape of the C64 itself?

Regardless it looks awesome. Someone make this please.

Via Gizmodo


  • Looks more like an Amiga phone TBH, it doesn’t bring any C64 feelings to mind when looking at it for me.
    If you removed the logos and asked people to ask what inspired it, I don’t know that anyone would guess a C64. R2D2 maybe, but not the C64.

    • It looks too white from those pictures, making it a dark cream/light brown colour would have gone a long way to making it more C64-like.

    • Where does the blue come from? I had about 3 different versions of the C64 and I can’t remember any of them having blue on them.

      • The only blue I remember was from the screen. Ah, good Ol’ bluey. Back in the day before all these fancy “GUI”s that the kids use now, when you couldn’t just click an icon to play a game, you had to remember EXACTLY what to write in the command line, or it meant no Commander Keen for you today. Thems were the days, they were.

      • I think it’s meant to be from the startup background colour. VIC register 53281 was initialized with colour index 6 (blue) and border (register 53280) with colour index 3 (cyan). I miss my C64. 🙁

        • Wow!… Just wow. All I can remember is River Raid. I might see if one still works and play me some River Raid.

  • This doesn’t put me in mind of a C64 much at all. And the screenshot does not read:

    **** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 ****

    Heartily disappointed.

  • If someone manages to actually make a usable smartphone with just BASIC for the software then I will be seriously impressed

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