Jurassic Park Fan Project Is The Dinosaur Game I've Always Wanted

Jurassic Park Fan Project Is The Dinosaur Game I've Always Wanted

You can count the number of decent Jurassic Park video games on a single hand. It's tragic. Fans haven't given up on the dream though, and a modder going by the name conceptcrash has been slowly building and realising his prehistoric dream with Jurassic Park: Aftermath. It's been in development for years, looks absolutely gorgeous, and I want to play it immediately.

Jurassick Park: Aftermath was only supposed to take conceptcrash a few weeks, an exercise to learn more about CryEngine. Several years later, he's still plugging away at his passion project.

Here's what conceptcrash was showing off way back in March 2013:

Jurassic Park Fan Project Is The Dinosaur Game I've Always Wanted
Jurassic Park Fan Project Is The Dinosaur Game I've Always Wanted

It wouldn't be shocking to learn he'd given up at some point. That's what seems to happen all the time. A couple of interesting screen shots pop up on Reddit or somewhere else, interest spikes, but it's eventually lost to the ages. Jurassic Park: Aftermath remains alive in early 2015.

Here's proof:

Jurassic Park Fan Project Is The Dinosaur Game I've Always Wanted
Jurassic Park Fan Project Is The Dinosaur Game I've Always Wanted
Jurassic Park Fan Project Is The Dinosaur Game I've Always Wanted

There are lots of other gorgeous looks at the game in this Imgur album.

As Kirk has pointed out, we've waited for a (new) good Jurassic Park game for way too long.

The scope of Jurassic Park: Aftermath has always remained pretty small, though it's changed a bit as time has gone on. Basically, conceptcrash wants a way to walk around Jurassic Park:

"The map is not a full game,it's a chunk of environment that will eventually be released to explore.Some elements are interactive and some basic game mechanics have been added recently. It's not intended as a shooting type game more exploration and horror,recently I've been working on adding some elements to make it have more of that tone."

There are some roaming dinosaurs that can attack you, so it's not simply an interactive painting.

Right around the time Jurassic World's first teaser dropped, conceptcrash released a slice of footage of Jurassic Park: Aftermath set to the chilling piano cover that's part of the new film.

You (like me) can continue to follow the game's progress on IndieDB. I'm not sure I've ever wanted a fan project to succeed as much as this one. It honestly looks like a dream come true.

Unfortunately, Jurassic Park: Aftermath doesn't have a release date just yet. Fingers crossed!


    I see no evidence of arms flapping around like moderate sized fishies, or looking down at my own cleavage to tell how much health I have, so I want nothing to do with this game.

    Trespasser Fo Lyfe.

    (Yes, I'm conveniently ignoring the complete lack of gameplay shown to make a joke. As Archduke Franz Ferdinand once said, never let the truth get in the way of a good joke.)

      Hey, Trespasser was an amazing rack watching simulator! I may also have played that game way more then I should and loved it for the broken mess that it was :P

      Take that map, add Alien Isolation gameplay (Raptors instead of the Alien), have the Raptors trying to hunt you down, add a wandering T-Rex that'll attack anything that moves and throw in some heavy rainfall that blinds and deafens you from time to time.

      Gold 10/10

      haha Im also sure it was Franz Ferdinand that said "never let truth get in the way of an opportune quote" right??

        My records say it was Sun Tzu, but I'm happy to be corrected on this matter.

    So how close to release do we expect him to get hit with a cease & desist letter you think?

      If they are smart they would help him out! Massive marketing opportunity. Here they have an interactive environment helping a younger generation who missed the first movies. The description sounds like an Jurassic Park meets Alien Isolation..... COOOOL

        That would be the ideal way to do it... But it rarely ever goes that route.

        It's usually cease & desist letters for all, and I can understand why honestly. They don't want to set a precedent.

        By letting one modder slide by you send a message to the rest like, "Hey, maybe it's okay if we use their IP... Because they let these guys do it." Even if the one mod was absolutely amazing they run the risk of others tying something that could be of much lower quality to their properties and giving it a bad name.

        Even if the company has licensed shitty games of their own accord based on the IP, nobody wants potentially poor hack job mods and such adding to the pile of shame.

        Last edited 10/02/15 5:28 pm

    We'll get a Jurassic World tie-in (or three), and it'll be a "next-gen cross-platform open world beat-em-up puzzle platformer shooter with choices that affect the world with side quests and dynamic non-scripted dinosaur AI and ferns".
    And it'll be atrocious.

    Looks amazing. That rainy shot of the raptor compound is delicious.

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