Just About Every Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Thief And Hitman Game Is On Sale

Steam is having one of those super good publisher sales. This time round? It's Square-Enix stealing the food out of your children's mouths with a fairly brilliant sale on most of its best titles.

What's on sale? Practically everything. Almost every Final Fantasy game has about 50% off at least, meaning you can pick up Final Fantasy VII, for example, at $5.99. All the Thief games have 75% off, as does DLC. The Thief Collection, which includes the latest iteration released in 2014, is just $11.24. That's pretty phenomenal.

Perhaps the most incredible deal is the Just Cause collection, which features both Just Cause games and all the DLC for $3.79. That's just... ridiculous. I've paid that for a cup of tea.

The list is extensive and the sale is good. Head here, knock yourself out.


    A word of warning, several people have experienced a game breaking bug in the PC port of FFIII where it loads your game at the point you left off but thinks you haven't done anything in the game yet so you are effectively stranded with no way to progress. From what I've heard, there are no plans to fix this.

      You've heard that there are no plans to fix it, or you haven't heard of any plans to fix it?

        I've heard other people (who had the problem) say that Square has basically said they won't be fixing it.

        Last edited 06/02/15 8:11 pm

          Seems odd, but I guess SE doesn't have that much invested in getting these ports out.

    Thought I might pick up Lara Croft: ToO, but now I've read the reviews... might give it a miss.

    Just got Thief for "free" through my PS Plus yesterday. Almost got my money.
    Final Fantasy nostalgia is taking hold of me though, might need to try out FF7 again but I'm afraid it'll tarnish my memory...

      It holds up reasonable well. It's not like a lot of games from that era where the controls are now absurd, although you might find your ability to stick with a game that uses random encounters as padding and rather blunt turn based combat has dwindled. The graphics are somewhat stylised so even though it doesn't look amazing it doesn't look like it's failing to draw realistic looking characters.

        I dunno about the controls comment, playing FF7 for a while and getting back into the habit of using circle as the confirm button throws me off in other games for weeks after i finish playing!

      Thankfully the stylized blockiness along with pretty good pre-renders has let it age well! I recommend emulating it (ePSXe) or playing the Steam port though, at low res the 3D models aren't that great.

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