Katy Perry Wore A Wiimote Strap To The Super Bowl

Katy Perry Wore A Wiimote Strap To The Super Bowl

Behold: singer Katy Perry, the only person on earth who actually listens to Nintendo when they tell you to wear the Wiimote strap.

In case you're not watching the 49th Super Bowl — Seahawks vs. Patriots — you just missed Perry flying in the air on a shooting star after dancing with a bunch of singing sharks. Uh. You had to be there.

Photo via Marc Snetiker


    .......I like Katy Perry. I have all her albums. *hides face*

      That's cool, that's cool. *turns around smirking quite confidently to himself, unaware of the huge void in his soul that only popular music can fill.* Nah, I'll stick with The Clash.

        The only band that matters!

        Katy Perry has Mick Jones covered in the looks department though.

        Last edited 02/02/15 3:08 pm

          Haha, yeah the diva attitude and all. It took a while for Jonesy to cut his bloody hair but they both do share the curls.

          Man, I wish Strummer was still around though. He made some wonderful music.

      I really liked her performance, I'm a little indifferent to her music but I liked the show!

    They had wrist straps and lanyards before computer games. Personally I think the story title should be Katie Perry Spends Superbowl Performance Staring At Her Boobs Wondering When Something Was Going To Start Shooting Out Of Them.

    The OSH fluro crowd holding clipboards and wearing hard hats were no doubt involved methinks.

    sad day for a katy perry superbowl performance and NO wardrobe malfunction. sad day for us all.

    Go team Taylor!

      Life's too short for people to pretend they don't like Taylor Swift.

      Last edited 02/02/15 4:18 pm

        ....I really love her song "Love Story". *goes to hide under a rock*

    she also tried to eat the microphone it seems

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