Ken Turned 50 Years Old And Nothing Can Stop The Terrifying Flow Of Time

Bart Simpson is, by rights, 36 years old — older than Marge, his Mother, when the show started. Think on that.

Then let your world flip topsy turvy upside down when I tell you that Valentine's day was Ken from Street Fighter's birthday. Meaning that, three days ago, he turned 50 years old. Such is the terrifying unstoppable flow of time. Bloody hell.

When Street Fighter II first came out in arcades Ken was just a baby. 25 years old, just about to turn 26. He liked cooking pasta and he disliked soap operas. He led a simple life: he wore red pajama pants and kicked people in the face for a living. Who could have known that 25 years later he would still be wearing pajama pants, kicking people in the face for a living.

Ken, you look like you haven't aged a day. What's your secret?

I remember when Street Fighter II came out on the SNES. I remember how obsessed my friends and I were, scouring instruction manuals for details. I remember looking at Ken's age back then: whoa... he's 25 years old? What will I be like when I'm 25? For all I knew I would be wearing red pajama pants and kicking people in the face for a living.

It's really weird to think how quickly time passes. Ken will always be 25 years old really. These characters exist like preserved pickles in order to remind you of how goddamn old you're becoming. I'm eight years older than Ken was when Street Fighter II came out. To this day I have never worn red pajama pants. I should really rectify that.

Happy birthday fictional character. Happy birthday.


    Figure this is as good a place as any to ask:

    Anybody remember this series (90s kids say way-o) -

      Yep, I might still have a coverless issue nana stole from the doctors waiting room tucked away somewhere.

    I suddenly feel so very old.

    [Old coot rant]
    Back in my day we had to make do with 8 bits, and you where only allowed to use 6 of em at a time, had to save them for a rainy day. I had to load my video games with a Cassette tape. Took 3 days to load a game, and than another hour after the start screen.

    (In all seriousness who thought that was a good idea, load the start screen, and than load the first level.) [/old coot rant]

    Last edited 17/02/15 4:13 pm

      I remember the old days of loading up both sides of a tape on a C64 to try and play a game, only for the data to be corrupted.
      You young whippersnappers complain about having to wait for updates or servers going down for maintenance.
      Learn some damn appreciation for the wonderful age we live in.

      Thought I'd add an old coot rant of my own.

        The more the Merrier... Hmm perhaps I should have looked up an Antonym.


    People who complain about their age are usually the people who feel like they've done nothing with their lives. Or rather, the people who pay too much attention to their classmates on social media.

    Seriously, did anyone proofread this article?

      the guy used the word pickle in a video game article and WAS referring to the im ok with any issues with said article.

    @markserrels you say you've never worn red pyjamas so is that confirmation by omission that you HAVE kicked someone in the face :P

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