Knives-On-Nunchucks Martial Artist Clearly Wants Real-Life Soul Calibur

Knives-on-Nunchucks Martial Artist Clearly Wants Real Life Soul Calibur

I don't know if Polish martial artist Kacper Borowski plays Soul Calibur — though there is a pic with a caption of Sagat on his Facebook page. But if they make ever make movies about the medieval martial arts fighting franchise, the producers need to give this guy a call.

Now, I'm partial to the feats on display in Borowski's video because I main Maxi in the Soul Calibur games. But even if you're not into the flamboyant nunchuck-wielder, you can still respect the prowess in this video, if not the cheesy music. I kept waiting for dude to cut himself but he didn't. Now this could all be well-edited fakery but if it's not, the skills deserve respect. He also needs to put these Final Fantasy knives onto nunchucks for maximum gamer cred.


    bro.. wheres the vigoorian flails when you need them.

    I cringed every time he went through his legs with that thing!

    Someones mum didn't tell them not to play with knives...

      Someone decided not to listen to their mum :P

    Guy walks on screen, demonstrates knife is sharp.
    Guy walks off screen.
    Guy walks on screen and proceeds to do awesome thing with knife nunchucks.

    A skeptic might say that he switched out for blunted knives... but that skeptic would be crazy to say that about a guy wielding knife nunchucks!!!

      Those skeptics would also be idiots, If you have a chance of cutting yourself you want to do it with a sharp knife, not blunt.

    I'd laugh (and wince) the first time he tried to hit someone with it, inadvertently gave them the back of the blade, which then bounced off and back into his arm or face.

    It's cool, I will give him that, but Nunchaku really don't need blades on them.

    I can almost imagine at some point in history, old master Ken with his eight fingers and one eye explaining why he decided not to pursue knives on Nunchaku

    Swordchucks! They were possible!

    *Waits to see how many get the reference*

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