League Of Legends' Latest Character Skin Is Damn Cool, Damn Expensive

League Of Legends' Latest Character Skin Is Damn Cool, Damn Expensive

Meet DJ Sona. She doesn't just look radically different from her old self/selves, she also sounds different. Using her mighty technicolor turntable, she can alter League of Legends' entire soundtrack. Oh, and she has multiple forms. The only drawback? A possible deal-breaker of a price tag.

DJ Sona is a new League of Legends ultimate skin — that is, a cosmetic alteration for a pre-existing champion. Ultimate is the highest tier of LoL skins, which means you get a lot of bang — bells and whistles out the proverbial wazoo — but only if you're willing to shell out serious bucks. DJ Sona's can be yours for $US25. That is nearly half the price of a major game for cosmetic changes in a game you can already play for free. Worth it? Hard to say.

Here's what you get for shelling out:

"Throughout the game, DJ Sona can spin one of three evolving songs — Kinetic, Concussive and Ethereal. Each one has its own distinct style and transforms Sona entirely, from her outfit and turntable to the look and feel of her abilities. She kicks off every gig in Kinetic but typing /toggle in the in-game chat cues up the next tune. The tracks will always go in order of Kinetic → Concussive → Ethereal → Kinetic, no remixes allowed."

Tracks evolve and distort based on which abilities you use. Also, other players on your team can tune into whatever DJ Sona's spinning whenever they want, which is a neat little touch. Unfortunately, you can't add your own tracks and create a real DJ set, but Sona's gimmick is still pretty fun.

League Of Legends' Latest Character Skin Is Damn Cool, Damn Expensive

The tracks you do get, however, were custom-made in collaboration with Nosaj Thing, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Crystal Method, Dada Life, and Renholdër, because we can never be allowed to forget that Riot has A Whole Lot Of Money. Never ever. Shit though, as a big Pretty Lights fan, I can't complain about this too much.

Here's a sampling of Sona's music. First, Kinetic mode, which is a joint production of Crystal Method and Dada Life:

And here's ethereal, which Pretty Lights and Nosaj Thing worked on together:

Lastly, here's concussive, which was produced by Bassnectar and Renholdër:

So yeah, DJ Sona is definitely one of the most elaborate skins ever added to League of Legends. I can't say it's not a neat concept, either. But is the ability to turn Summoner's Rift into your own personal dance floor — a gimmick that might grow tiresome after a little while — worth $US25? That's your call to make. Me, I'll probably hold off for a while, only to succumb during the frantic, fumbling desperation of some dark night when I'm bored and have been drinking a little.


    This is everything that's wrong with gaming today.

      Totally, releasing a free to play game that is arguably one of the most popular on the planet then trying to actually make money off it from completely optional, purely cosmetic items... Pure evil.

      Damn them for wanting to make money off their work.

        $624 million for the year 2013 isn't making money?.....

        How about genuine content at a reasonable price?

          You're right r3sin,
          How dare they just take that money and run! I mean all they've done over the last year is pioneer the plan for self owned (not rented)servers across the world whilst tinkering with either releasing their own USA service provider or buying better routing through existing ISPs for faster connections; whilst also providing million dollar tournaments around the world, balancing a game and refreshing approx 10 characters from the ground up and least of all still releasing a new champion every two months on average AND committing to build an artificial reef in the oceanic area with all players involved having their names carved into it....

          All while letting us play their game for free whilst they only give us a couple different novelty game modes approximately 3 times a year! Free top quality competitive gaming content that I've played regularly over 3 years, having spent at most $40.

          Hopefully they come up with a better more fair purchase system like CS:GO knife lottery ~_~


          How about genuine content at a reasonable price?

          Like giving the game for free?

          Because there's no genuine content in the game that's completely free or anything.

          Personally, I think the skin could have been $5 and you'd still have said the same thing... Especially since you appear to think skins aren't 'genuine content' and all.

          To be perfectly clear, I'm not a huge League fan... Anytime I play it I usually come away thinking "Why the hell did I bother?" It's just not a game I'd ever play constantly, and definitely not without a few friends.

          And I'd honestly never suggest the game to anyone, but I'll be damned if I don't appreciate that Riot don't pull shit like paid map packs or the likes that split player bases.

          It's a free game.
          I also don't mind the price at all, kind of gives it a bit of exclusiveness.

          Is riot forcing you to buy the skin in order to play?
          does the skin increase your chances of winning? '
          - Nope.

          how easy is that. Peoples sense of entitlement today is absolutely mind numbing.

          Last edited 05/02/15 9:20 am

          Riot's business model is perfect. You don't have to buy the new skins, they make no impact on gameplay and those who do buy them do so because they want to support a game they love and feel they owe something back to the developers. League is 100% playable for 100% free.

          It's people like you who bitch and moan whenever something new comes out cause you either a; don't have a job and mooch off the government or b; still live with your folks and they refuse to spend the money. In either case, if you aren't happy, get a job and buy the skin, otherwise STFU.

          Reading the article states that they worked with legitimate bands for each of the songs, so they shelled out a lot of their own money to make these songs, and this is a completely optional skin that has no gameplay benefit at all.

          Absolutely everything gameplay related to LoL can be unlocked by playing it without the need for a single micro transaction. That is a far cry from being everything from with gaming.

        Literally had to log in to downvote @r3sin and up your comment. This inst what is wrong with gaming - gaming is ruined by things like Candy Crush and companies like EA which charge $90 for unfinished product and launch paid dlc and game changing exclusives and create artificial p2win environments.

        LoL is a free game - and as many have stated, skins give zero advantage to game play and are purely cosmetic.

      I call bullshit.

      It has no impact on gameplay. Players who buy it don't get any advantage over those that don't, and Riot gets to make some money off a F2P game.

      Now, being forced to buy new maps in order to play (looking at you, Destiny), THAT is what's wrong with gaming today.

    All skins and champions half price for the first week of release.
    This is standard practice for riot.

    $25 bucks for a skin seems crazy to me and since i'm stingy I won't buy it but it has no impact on the game. The people who will buy it won't have any advantage over anybody else besides looking a bit cooler.

    I don't play LoL any more but when I did, I played as Sona about two-thirds of the time. If I was still playing, this would be incredibly tempting.

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