League Of Legends’ Latest Character Skin Is Damn Cool, Damn Expensive

League Of Legends’ Latest Character Skin Is Damn Cool, Damn Expensive

Meet DJ Sona. She doesn’t just look radically different from her old self/selves, she also sounds different. Using her mighty technicolor turntable, she can alter League of Legends‘ entire soundtrack. Oh, and she has multiple forms. The only drawback? A possible deal-breaker of a price tag.

DJ Sona is a new League of Legends ultimate skin — that is, a cosmetic alteration for a pre-existing champion. Ultimate is the highest tier of LoL skins, which means you get a lot of bang — bells and whistles out the proverbial wazoo — but only if you’re willing to shell out serious bucks. DJ Sona’s can be yours for $US25. That is nearly half the price of a major game for cosmetic changes in a game you can already play for free. Worth it? Hard to say.

Here’s what you get for shelling out:

“Throughout the game, DJ Sona can spin one of three evolving songs — Kinetic, Concussive and Ethereal. Each one has its own distinct style and transforms Sona entirely, from her outfit and turntable to the look and feel of her abilities. She kicks off every gig in Kinetic but typing /toggle in the in-game chat cues up the next tune. The tracks will always go in order of Kinetic → Concussive → Ethereal → Kinetic, no remixes allowed.”

Tracks evolve and distort based on which abilities you use. Also, other players on your team can tune into whatever DJ Sona’s spinning whenever they want, which is a neat little touch. Unfortunately, you can’t add your own tracks and create a real DJ set, but Sona’s gimmick is still pretty fun.

League Of Legends’ Latest Character Skin Is Damn Cool, Damn Expensive

The tracks you do get, however, were custom-made in collaboration with Nosaj Thing, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Crystal Method, Dada Life, and Renholdër, because we can never be allowed to forget that Riot has A Whole Lot Of Money. Never ever. Shit though, as a big Pretty Lights fan, I can’t complain about this too much.

Here’s a sampling of Sona’s music. First, Kinetic mode, which is a joint production of Crystal Method and Dada Life:

And here’s ethereal, which Pretty Lights and Nosaj Thing worked on together:

Lastly, here’s concussive, which was produced by Bassnectar and Renholdër:

So yeah, DJ Sona is definitely one of the most elaborate skins ever added to League of Legends. I can’t say it’s not a neat concept, either. But is the ability to turn Summoner’s Rift into your own personal dance floor — a gimmick that might grow tiresome after a little while — worth $US25? That’s your call to make. Me, I’ll probably hold off for a while, only to succumb during the frantic, fumbling desperation of some dark night when I’m bored and have been drinking a little.

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