League Of Legends ‘Open Letter To Parents’ Is Sensible Reading

League Of Legends ‘Open Letter To Parents’ Is Sensible Reading

A forum post called “Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends Players” sounds like the worst thing you could click on all week, but it turns out it’s actually a very practical guide for parents, to help them stop making their kids look like arseholes.

It’s all about parents yanking kids out of League in the middle of a game. Which to that parent, in their own home, might seem like a good idea, but which neglects the fact that such a decisive move can have crummy consequences for everyone else stuck in that game.

While it is admirable that you are teaching children some responsibility to schedules, please stop neglecting to teach them responsibility to other people. Unless your child is playing a Custom Game, his actions will permanently affect the statistics of up to 9 other people.

While it gets a little bossy in parts, the post is super useful as a guide for the parents of League players, as it also lets them know stuff like average playtimes, so that curfews and bedtimes can be planned accordingly.

Course, if the kid’s old enough to be playing League of Legends, they’re also old enough to be able to read a clock and make their own decisions, so you could also call it an “Open Letter To Kids Who Should Know Better”.


  • “HURR DURR gaem iz moar imprtantz than IRL and parenting”..
    ..what the actual frak. No wonder the League community is toxic, vile and has a warped sense of reality.
    Go outside every now and then. Wow.

  • As nice as all of these attempts to improve the lol community are, If you’re going to force people to play 30+ minute games and penalize players for leaving any unpleasant or unenjoyable game, you’re not going to get very far.

    • What would be nice is to get 3 free leaves a week with an “I am leaving because of this reason” list you can tick. Player left, we are getting stomped so hard there is no hope, I am getting called away/have visitors or I am being abused to name a few. Notorious leavers will still rack up penalties but those of us who, from time to time, have a legitimate reason to not want to be part of a game, it gives us a buffer.

      • Unless you are constantly leaving games, your only penalty will be waiting until the game is finished before finding another. A free pass system would get abused and it’s not necessary at all. If you’re getting abused, mute them. If you’re getting stomped then start a /ff vote and/or deal with it.

        Having a system like that doesn’t magically make your choice to leave justified, it still effects everyone involved and people would be inclined to leave more if they had said option.

    • As much as I agree the community is absolutely terrible, you can’t really say they won’t get far when LoL is the most played game in the world right now.

      • I clearly meant they won’t get far in preventing toxicity when the game design itself encourages toxicity. All of their attempts so far are just bandaids.

  • How about one simple rule: “Don’t fracking play something you can’t pause near the normal dinner period and avoid complications entirely, then play as much as you want after dinner is over?” Works for me every time.

  • Is there a reason a bot doesn’t take over if someone intentionally quits? I mean i’m sure it’s not gonna be as good as a person but it could still kill the little lemming guys right?

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