Learn About Capitalism With Super Mario Bros. 2

Learn About Capitalism With Super Mario Bros. 2

I've not come across a finer means of illustrating the origins of our Western work ethic than this video featuring a recycled Japanese game. Why did't we have 8-Bit Philosophy back when I was in college?

In a way it's ironic. Here I am watching a video about how Calvinism and Capitalism came together to inform the American workforce, instilling the need to work hard for personal reward and spiritual salvation — for free over the internet. No doubt the folks at Wisecrack put a lot of work and research into the video, but in order to receive its message all I had to do was press a button.


    As a Calvinist - this is a very, very stupid video. Calvinism is literally the exact opposite of everything described here. This is what happens when you try to define anything outside of its source material, kids.

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