Looks Like We're Getting A Gold Mario Amiibo 

Looks Like We're Getting A Gold Mario Amiibo

Oh, hey, were you already too stressed out about the availability and value of Nintendo's Amiibos? Maybe don't look at this image then.

It's reportedly a photo of a banner ad for Walmart, and shows not only the Amiibo itself, but also says that something (it's unclear whether it's the Amiibo or just a Mario Party bundle including it) about it is exclusive to Walmart.

Well, there goes Easter.



    Looks like asshole Ebay resellers who rush into BigW and other stores will get the golden mario Amiibo, then resell on Ebay for 2000 or so...

    Instead of the people, who, you know, deserve them.

      Deserve is a very strong term.

      Who do you think is deserving of a little $17 figure from a store?

        Anyone who intends to buy one for a legitimate purpose, be it gaming or collecting. Definitely not the assholes who go and flog them on ebay for hundreds of dollars. It's not a confusing situation really.

        For instance, a 12 year old who saves their 17 dollars up, or is given their 17 dollars, deserves to own one more than fatfuck-McEbay who intends to resell for pure profit and rip someone off.

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          If there are scalpers, it just means that the figures are undervalued. That could be fixed by increasing the retail price, or increasing the supply to a level where no one would want to spend more.

          Who should be blamed? the douchebags who sell them on ebay or the douchebags that buy them?

          Also don't be such a fucking fataphobe.

            *rolls eyes* Take the social justice warrioring somewhere else.

            The people who pay the stupid prices sure aren't helping, but if the assholes didn't put them there in the first place, the issue wouldn't exist.

              No, if people didn't pay it they wouldn't bother to try and sell it. Pretty simple supply and demand.

                Blaming the victims, awesome strategy.

                  I'm not victim blaming at all. it sucks for the people missing out... but sellers on ebay wouldn't be selling if people weren't buying. I guess it's a bit of a chicken vs egg scenario. I just know that I wouldn't pay any more than a product is worth on ebay, regardless of how much i want it, because fuck those profiteering sellers.


          Well yeah. Because you sure as hell shouldnt be thinking of the asshole 30ish reseller :P going by a few of the comments though Id a say a few of you might actually be just that...

      sorry, but business is business, no matter what sector of the market you're in. limited edition cars, limited edition anythings. if you are that concerned about the 12 year olds, pre order a bunch and sell it to them for that price.

      im not trying to be an asshole, i just think your attack is unfair.
      there is nothing illegal about doing it. im not not one of the guys that will go line up at the front door of a retailer to run faster then the other people, but if its a preorderable item, then ill do it.

        It's not business, you're not a licensed company, you're not paying tax on it, you don't have an abn for this express purpose, you're not putting anything back into the economy via this (although no doubt you'll try to justify it as that), you're exploiting plain and simple, so that's a crock of bullshit and you know it.

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          so when you cut down a tree at your house and sell the firewood.
          or you pick up an old piece of furniture off the side of the road and sell it on gumtree.
          or you sell an unwanted christmas/birthday present.
          or you buy bulk goods for resale as individual pieces..
          of course it business. buying something at one price and selling it for profit.
          dont be so high and mighty because you disagree with someone else's opinion.

            It's not business, because it's not an actual business, how are you so daft? It's a *con*. You're buying with the express intent of reselling at a higher price, never to use the product for its intended purpose. Justify it all you want but those examples you listed aren't actually even relevant:

            Bulk goods are bought at a massively reduced price then sold usually at a cheaper price.
            Unwanted birthday gifts/items are generally sold off for less than their original value.
            Old furniture picked up on the side of the road then sold, is abandoned, not owned, it has no owner and no worth to anyone as it has been abandoned. If you find it, then sell it for a reasonable price after fixing it up (if needs be), you've done nothing wrong, haven't conned anyone because noone missed out, it was abandoned.

            Come back with some better examples sometime.

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              get off your high horse.
              its an argument of ethics, your opinion vs mine/others who dont have the same as you.
              its a debate that wont have a clear winner until a law says otherwise.

                Of course it's a debate of ethics, so I'll get off my high horse and you get the broom out of your ass :P

                  ha ha. telling me to get the broom out while you're the one acting all butt-hurt.

              This is the best silliest argument I've seen on Kotaku for ages!

              You buy something. Yay! It's yours to do what you want with it, including the option of selling it to someone for whatever value that person is willing to exchange for it.

              How can you define what the 'legitimate' purpose is of me purchasing a product? I bought a magazine yesterday and I'm using it as a coaster at the moment. Outrage! Think of those 'deserving' people that wanted to read that magazine!

          He actually is giving back to the economy with his initial purchase

    There's also (possibly) a silver one:

    Thank god I'm only collecting the Smash Brothers set.

      *Waits for Nintendo to announce Golden Mario DLC just to spite you*

    How the hell these things have gotten so many into a frenzy is bloody insane.

    Combined with Nintendo being Nintendo and only releasing limited amounts because hey, lets not make any more money...

    But seeing the battles between ebay'ers and collectors is funny because it's stupid.

      I'm hoping for the entertainment possible if Nintendo suddenly announce plenty of stock for everyone leaving ebayers with piles of worthless amiibos.

      Not going to happen but a man can dream.

        Hey, it could be possible. They did say in the investor meeting earlier this week that they didn't expect so many sales because there aren't really the games for them yet.

      It went crazy BECAUSE of the lack of stock. If u think for a second that they would be just as popular if they were readily available then I assure you that you'd be very much mistaken. amiibo are doing better than Nintendo could've ever hoped for.

    Oh cool, mario party 10 is comming out

      That's what I took from this article.

        I hope it has that bus cleaning game I liked from one of the gamecube ones.

    Hmmm, not sure if I'll pick this one up. Probably - gold is pretty cool.

    You know what sucks even more? We're getting the amiibo bundle here but its not a gold mario:

    Screw store exclusives!

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