Madden 15 Predicted The Exact Score Of The Super Bowl

Madden 15 Predicted The Exact Score Of The Super Bowl

Every year, the folks at EA Sports rig a game of Madden to predict the Super Bowl. They're usually right — they have nailed something like eight of the last 11 winners. This time, it's safe to say that EA just rigged the actual Super Bowl.

As Madden 15 predicted, the Patriots beat the Seahawks 28-24. They called that the Patriots would come back from behind after being down 14-24, too. They didn't get the game-winning Russell Wilson pick, but still. Hope someone at EA Sports put down some good money.


    Not only that, it also had Edelman scoring the winning TD.

    Not only that it had Katy Perry doing the halftime show. No dancing sharks but.

    Watching the simulation is probably more entertaining than watching the actual game. 15 minutes of actual game time puffed up with commercials and replays.

    Wow, just goes to show how far this series has come.

    This is an interesting progression. First we had robots that will play our video games for us. Now we have video games that will play our sports for us. Where do you even go from here? Sports that watches movies for you?

    8 of the last 11 AND the EXACT scoreline?
    hello new betting data

    The Seahawks final play is what happens when you push the wrong button in Madden

      You sir are the winner of 'The Internet Award'. What will you do now that you have won those incredible award?

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