Magician Does All His Tricks Using An iPad

Magician Does All His Tricks Using An iPad

Simon Pierro, a German magician, was on The Ellen Show last night. He's famous for doing all his magic tricks on an iPad using certain apps and merging reality with virtual reality. He's a tech wizard!

If you watch the top gif a few times you might recognise how he does that particular trick. Same goes for all the other ones.

(I wonder though if pop-up windows or alert messages ever ruined his performance.)


    If you watch the top gif you'll realise he already has the card in his palm?

      Yeah but how the hell does he do the final one ?

        This is doable with a few gadgets and a little know-how.

        Presumably you'd need a network-connected photo printer, an network-connected clear LCD panel, a photo frame, and a custom app to control it all.
        You'd start by rigging the LCD panel to the frame (or they could be one unit initially) and attach it to a printer; this way you can control when the panel is black and when it is clear.
        Then you rig the frame to the printer so that the printout exits behind the LCD panel, which will always be black. Then as soon as you select a photo from the app, it begins printing and exits out to the frame. Then you just a wait a few seconds for it to finish printing and have the app turn off the black LCD shade after a specific gesture is made on the iPad, and voilà, instant magic photo.

        Photo printers are so small these days it wouldn't be difficult to rig up so that it's inconspicuous. This guy is very smart at combining technology to aid his magic acts.

    Notice how when he claimed to be using FaceTime, he showed it was a real video of the set, but once the call started he hid the preview window with his fingers. Also he seemed to stuff up with the pen. You can see that he had triggers in the app icons and he had to press the iMessage icon twice and the screen flashed. Still it is clever.

    It was very obvious when he pulled out the straw from his jacket's pocket and then held it awkwardly inside his hand.

    "And for my next trick, I install iOS 8 without breaking anything!"

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