Man With The Voice Of An Angel Sings Dark Souls Acapella

Smooth McGroove. He has the beard of a greek god and the voice of an angel. Typically he uses those vocal cords of his to put together multi-layered YouTube videos of him singing the Gwyn, Lord of Cinder soundtrack from Dark Souls. It's. Beautiful.


I've always loved the Gwyn boss music from Dark Souls. It's such a subversion of everything that's come before it. Players are used to gigantic, bombastic music for boss battles, but when it comes time to fight the final boss the music is soft, gentle, sombre. You feel pangs of regret, nostalgia. It's strange and perfect.

This might be one of my favourite Smooth McGroove covers yet.


    That was a pretty good cover. Smooth McGroove is great, he seldom disappoints.

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