Mario Kart Pop Mashups Are Surprisingly Great

What could possibly be better than Taylor Swift’s hit 2014 song “Shake It Off?” Setting the lyrics to music from Mario Kart, obviously.

I recently came across this wonderful series of Mario Kart mash-ups from YouTuber roomdrifter, and it has some of the best Kart-themed renditions of pop songs I’ve heard since that awesome Drake one from last year. And yes, that means they’re definitely not the only Mario Kart mash-ups I’ve come across as of late.

Just listen to this Wiz Khalifa one:

Or “Blurred Lines”:

Busta Rhymes rapping super-fast over a Mario beat makes for some great mental imagery:

The Nicki Minaj “Starships” one is certainly… something:

Nintendo should really start producing pop singles, considering how neatly their music meshes with its innocuous, cheery, feel-good-but-also-vaguely-sinister tone.


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