Maybe The Laziest RPG Ever Made

Maybe The Laziest RPG Ever Made

Dreeps is an RPG where you do almost nothing. And as terrible as that may seem, I actually kinda like the idea.

Designed for iOS, it asks you to simply set an alarm. When you wake up in the morning, a little robot boy in the game will also wake up and start adventuring, all on his own. He'll explore lands, meet new people and fight enemies, all without your input (but he's there, doing it, so you can have it next to you and watch if you like).

You do nothing! No decisions, no button presses, no wandering the wilds, no reloads, nothing.

At night, when you go to sleep, the boy goes to sleep as well. Like a little tamagotchi, I guess, only a lot more interesting to watch.

Made by as trio of Japanese developers, they sum it all up by saying "dreeps is a game for those too busy to play RPGs."

Which is me!

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    I like the general idea of this (and I'm annoyed I haven't heard anything about an Android version), but I think this idea needs to be pushed further into actually "doing something" territory by incorporating HealthKit/Google Fit data. So the actions you take throughout your day (IRL) can have an effect on the little guy's adventure.

      Like an RPG fitness app, the more steps you take, the quicker you level up?
      Holy shit, gamers would be winning Olympic gold!

        That just brings back memories of the Pokemon walker and how people just strapped them to their kids or paint shakers.

          Wasn't strapping them to kids the whole point?

          You've just given me the idea to strap my kid to a paint shaker.... Thanks!

        There's a game that kind of does this on the android store called Fit RPG (I think). But it doesn't explain its systems very well, the menus are clunky, there are no graphics to speak of (just clunky menus!), and it isn't finished.

        It's a good concept but I got sick of playing it quickly. Dealing with the menus and unfinished features annoyed me.

      That is actually a pretty cool idea.

      I hope they don't do that, my hero's world would be aflame and suffering the wrath of Ghonorath the Staircase Eater while they reclined at home chugging potions from a novelty hat and watching Ostron races on TV within a day.

      How can you still be annoyed at a lack of Android version? The reason why developers go for iOS instead of Android has been covered many times. If you want to play mobile games, buy an iPhone. Just like if you want to play PC games, you buy a Windows computer rather than a Mac.

      Otherwise I guess sit and wait until the developer decides they've made enough money from the product and would prefer to have it stolen from them instead.

        I don't really want to get into an Android vs iOS debate, but these days it makes sense to build an android version due to the widespread dominance of the OS. I don't care that people build an iOS version first, for many of the "well documented" reasons I'm sure you're hinting at. As a developer myself, as much as I dislike iOS, it's just easier to work with.

        I'm annoyed that there appears to be no plans to support Android. I'll admit, it's selfish and it's because I want the app and don't have an iOS device of my own (nor do I want one). With Android devices outnumbering iOS now, there are a lot of people in the same boat. And I'm not even mentioning the poor Windows Phone users.

          But yeah it's not about the install base, it's about how fractured it is. It's about how rampant the piracy is. If you have 500 iOS users, 400 of which pay for your game, it's a better, easier, safer bet than 5000 android users, 200 of which actually pay.

          Articles like this give you a clear indication of the sort of market developers work in:

          There's also the problem of making sure your app works well on less than 10 different hardware configurations vs. dozens of hardware configurations.

          That's why as I said, developers will release for iOS first, and IF that's profitable (which is still a big IF), then they can look at losing some money on an Android version that nobody will pay for and will be more trouble than its worth.

    Gotta say, if it was cheap and on Android, I'd probably pick this up.

      Seconded! I would've been all over this! Even though its not really a "playable" game it really minds me of Primordia, and I loved the crap out of that.

    This is actually great! I loved the concept ~ more games for my afk time!

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