Metal Gear Ray Pops Up In The Weirdest Place Possible

Metal Gear Ray Pops Up In The Weirdest Place Possible

["Rules of Nature" lute version playing in the background] That's a perfect medieval Metal Gear by Deelekgolo created in Besiege.


    Medieval Gear Solid

    Rest of the article:

    For any of you wonderful readers who are unfamiliar with what the Metal Gear Ray is, here's a link to an image for comparison:

    And a link to further reading, should you still be interested:

    I shall further complete this article by linking you to the steam page for Beseige, which is a beautiful, challenging and thoroughly entertaining physics-based machine creation game that showed up recently on Steam Early Access:

    It's thoroughly excellent and you should check it out. And hey, while you're at it, take a look at our very own Leo Wichoaowsksvsky, taking a look at besiege:

    I shall wait patiently for my job offer.

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    Good lord that puts all of my creations to shame...

    He also made Rex

    Umm, ray doesn't learn flamethrower, but it learns hydro pump, trust me i played metal gear solid 2 & it uses a high pressured water cannon to attack aka hydro pump

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