Mewtwo Is Pretty Much Elsa From Frozen

Mewtwo Is Pretty Much Elsa From Frozen

Here's a kind of mind-boggling comparison. Ever notice how similar Mewtwo from Pokémon is to Elsa from Frozen?

Really! Take a look at this comparison image, posted by Reddit user Nintendoreo:

Mewtwo Is Pretty Much Elsa From Frozen

Ha. Of course, when you're comparing such general tropes, it's easy to make plots or characters sound alike. But still! It's a fun juxtaposition. I'll add one more (personal) similarity: both made me feel like a chump for tearing up. Damn you, Stone Ash.


    My take on seeing that movie years ago is Ash died, Mewtwo was powerful enough to bring him back to life. He definitely wasn't stone as his body was still flexible when grey.

    But by using such vague points you can take almost any two movies and link them this way.

    You can compare Superman to Frozen with this method.

    Want to see a movie about a Character who hides their powers to protect the ones they love?
    So go to a Frozen inhospitial place to learn more about them.
    They then realise that their powers are what's needed to protect everything.
    They then return to the beginning and after a hard stuggle use their powers to save everyone.
    Become much loved once it's all in the open.

    No, Elsa is pretty much Mewtwo from Pokemon... ;P

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      Yeah, last time I checked Mewtwo came first.

        Frozen is loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Snow Queen", first published in 1845. So you could maybe argue that came first...... Unless Mewtwo is based on something older.....

          At which point the article should be "Mewtwo Is Pretty Much The Snow Queen From The 1845 Hans Christian Andersen Poem"

          Either way, it shouldn't be the current one.

          I like how you say "loosely" and then don't reconsider the rest of your assertion.

          Anyway, she's basically Simba and Simba is Hamlet and Hamlet is Amleth.

          Last edited 27/02/15 2:08 pm

            You mean Simba from the Lion King? Pfft, he was just a rip-off of Kimba the White lion anyway. Plagiarism is alive and well in the entertainment industry.

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