New Destiny Patch Notes Include Newly Introduced Bug

New Destiny Patch Notes Include Bug They Just Added

Today Bungie released a new patch for Destiny, a video game in which players gradually learn how to quit playing Destiny. The good news: It has fixed that awful heavy ammo bug. The bad news? Well, it has a whole new ammo bug to tell you about.

We already knew the gist of what would be included in patch 1.1.1 — weapon tweaks, weekly heroic matchmaking, etc. — but buried at the bottom of today's notes is one of the funniest things I've ever seen:

New Destiny Patch Notes Include Bug They Just Added

Destiny: where even the patch notes come with bugs.


    Patches with known issues are super common.

    Destiny seems to be a video game journalists dream... Can't think of a good article to write? Let's just bash Destiny again and everyone will be on our side.

      I agree, the weirdest thing is that the game isn’t THAT buggy, in fact at launch most people were praising how solid it all seemed.
      The game was boring as hell after a few weeks but that’s a different thing.

      As time went on and people who did find it addictive put more and more time into it people found of bugs that could almost be described as “quirks”. The ammo thing, the loot cave, the glitch where you pull out your network cable…. They aren’t really instantly apparent “bugs” or “glitches” that you wouldn’t find in any other game if you drilled right into the core of the game in the way dedicated Destiny players have.

      It gets picked on for things like this because it’s all the rage to sh*t on the game for the crappy design choices that were made.

        The only bugs that annoy me are the game breakers...
        Hard mode sword just vanishing? Ruins the fun.
        Apart from that I agree, the game was pretty solid considering its scope.

    I've played Destiny regularly since day 1 (longer if you include the alpha and beta). All I can say is I've gotten more than my fair share of my money's worth, had some good fun with friends and made a couple of new acquaintances/friends.

    People like to bag it out because it's the flavour of the month to bag out.

      You're not a little upset it could have been better? I got it too ( not at day one ) and I thought it was a bit of fun too but still disappointed.

      Honestly I do not find the exact same thing over and over acceptable, if we start accepting lazy / cheap and repetitive work there will be no incentive for developers / publishers to make better games. If they can still sell millions with subpar effort why the hell would they spend millions on innovation?

        Of course it could've been better and the pve is very repetitive. I just see a lot of negativity about the game. The gameplay itself is good, there's just not the content. For sure, after the next DLC, the direction they go in and how they try to sell it to us will determine whether I continue playing or not. I'm still content to play each week though (not extensively)

          Rich Cinematic Storytelling *drops mic*

            Lol they didn't really say that did they? Man the amount of things they COULD tell me but NEVER F%@ING DID!

              "Destiny is a next generation first person shooter, with rich cinematic storytelling".

              Its on the back of the box. Most disappointing game of the year. Tried to be Borderlands and Halo. Wasn't as good as either :( And the Dark Below... insultingly sh!thouse.

                Borderland’s 2 shits all over Destiny.

                It’s one of those things I can’t fathom.
                Why all the Destiny coverage? I mean it was hyped be begin with, but 6 months after Borderlands came out it was still just being enjoyed by all the same people who loved it in the beginning- not getting attention because a gun has two shots too few in the clip….

                I mean do a quick comparison of Destiny vs Borderlands 2 SE that’s about to come out on new-gen:

                Graphics – Destiny powerwise, Borderlands art wise
                Basic shooting mechanics – Destiny
                Overall gameplay mechanics (classes, variety, skill variation)- Borderlands
                Game content – Borderlands by an unimaginably large amount
                Enemies – Borderlands by a f*cking mile
                Vehicles – Borderlands easily better
                Guns – Borderlands hands down
                Story and setting– Borderlands is brilliant. Destiny has all the flavour of Vaseline on toast.

                The only thing Destiny has going for it is the PvP multiplayer and even that is dull.

                While I think Borderlands has more loot diversity, it doesn't exactly have rich story telling either.

        I see Destiny vanilla as the first instalment in their 10 year plan, like the first chapter of a book; It introduces you to the main players, the setting and gives you a whole bunch of loose ends to tie up to keep you coming back.

        I'm betting they have a lot more stories/gameplay/customisation options already being worked on (since they started working on it) in the wings, but it would be stupid for them to blow their load in the very first release. I'm hopeful (well, optimistic) that they'll BUILD on it with the bigger releases (not the smaller DLC packs like TDB and HOW) and really turn it into what they were originally envisioning.

          The only way I'd be interested in a sequel to Destiny is if the "campaign" was 2-3 times as long as the original. Criminally small amount of content which relies on you repeating it. You're right though about it introducing everyone, the only problem is it does so in the same way that a game manual used to.

          The Speaker: A guy with a white helmet who speaks for the Traveller. Apparently the traveller doesn't like talking.

            It was definitely lacking in many departments, especially for an MMO type game that they want you to play all the time. I've eased off quite a lot already and I only started playing at the end of December :/

            I'm a PVE type guy so more story is at the top of my want list. More diversity in mission styles/quests is right behind it.

              Yeah I hated Crucible so I only PVE'd. Probably lasted 4 nights after Dark Below came out and just couldn't be bothered. Interestingly I've managed to put more hours into Warframe, a game with very little plot, MMO grindy/fireteam elements and is free to play. It has more content, over 10 PVE game modes and you legitimately don't NEED to pay for anything. It just make me feel more ripped off with my worthless Destiny copy.

              Last edited 26/02/15 3:40 pm

                Warframe is pretty damn smooth, though, and its grindy elements have a lot more depth and variety to them than Destiny's does. Stat-customizing in Warframe is ridiculously complex compared to choosing between 3 stats and 3 element damages.

      Agreed. For all of its flaws, I've got 300 hours clocked up and am not stopping yet. I love it. The story sucks and needs fleshing out, but the gameplay is solid.

    Vex Mytho is OP anyway. The range on that sucker is off the charts. Can one shot suckers from a million miles away. Dont care it now has less ammo.

    yet another Destiny bashing article, nothing on the other alterations that will actually help make the game better, or the 9.7% buff on pulse rifles which will make them useful and fun again. Just cherry picking the last point in the patch release notes and a BS negative headline. Come on guys, I like your reporting but stop with the clickbaiting.

    As a (currently waiting for new content) Destiny player, the patch is amazing. This article is garbage.

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