New Fighting Game Is An Indie Power Stone

New Fighting Game Is An Indie Power Stone

I don't really like fighting games. But I've always had a soft spot for Capcom's Power Stone series, which broke free of the limitations of most other fighters and dropped you in a small 3D arena, meaning your combat felt more "real" than being trapped on a 2D plane. That series is long gone, but this new fighter sure ticks all its boxes.

It's called LASTFIGHT, and is based on the French comic book LASTMAN. In case you can't tell from the trailer below, their influence is clear, name-dropping both Power Stone and Smash Bros. in their announcement press. The game will feature a roster of 10 characters, with up to four able to fight at any one time.

LASTFIGHT is coming to both PC and consoles later this year. If you're like me and are completely in love with that art, know that it's by the supremely-talented French artist Bastien Vives, whose work we've featured here a few times before.


    That's okay Luke, if the past few years are anything to go by I don't think any Kotaku writers really like fighting games.

    Man, I miss Powerstone. Consider me interested.

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