New Medieval Combat Game Looks Like A, Well, Blast

New Medieval Combat Game Looks Like A, Well, Blast

In case this trailer doesn't show you within five seconds, here it is from the developers themselves: "We were primarily inspired by Rust & Chivalry in the development of this game".

But that's OK! Because if you're going to rip two games off and make something new out of the stolen parts, you can do a lot worse than a game where you build castles, smash other castles down then run around madly stabbing at people.

Chivalry was pretty fun for that, and it didn't even have the blow-up-the-buildings part.

This game's called Reign of Kings, and while there's a bigger game being promised (with inter-connected taxes, power struggles, etc), I'm just keen to try out a little castle-smashing.

It's "coming soon" to Steam Early Access.


    Oh man, this reminds of a game that was published in Creative Computing in the early 1980s for the Atri 400/800 that was called "Medieval Combat", the ones where you had to type in pages of BASIC program.
    It was huge, it only just fit in 48K and it took my brother and I about 4 weeks of a couple of hours a day after school to get it typed in and debugged.
    It used to take 45 minutes to load from cassette.
    We had a lot more patience in the 80s.

    While I'm definitely over seeing the Minecraft form of building in games, I've got to say, it definitely fits THIS style of game to a tee and I'm actually more than happy to see it in this. Between this and Castle Engineers I'm extremely happy to see Medieval games making a comeback as it's a genre that's been severely underpopulated in terms of the 'quick fun' variety. I can see how the Rust style of gameplay fits in here, I adore Rust, this really appeals to me. Cannot wait! Looks so fun! 10/10 would raid and pillage again!

    This looks fantastic. A little rough but still fantastic.

    Looks like a action version of Medieval Engineers (looking forward to this one more then space).

    What ever happened to that medieval game that was announced a while back, and it was open world and had really amazing graphics, and promised realistic combat and all that political intrigue as well. Can anyone remember the name of it?

      Kingdom Come: Deliverance? It's still in development with a small alpha build available for backers of a certain tier or higher.

        Yep, that's the one. Interested to see how it turns out.

      life is feudal? that game was ok i would play bit blocks of like 4 hours of it and never really got anywhere very long winded game

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