New Bayonetta Browser Game Is Balls-Hard

New Bayonetta Browser Game Is Balls-Hard

It's pretty well-documented that at least one lead developer at Platinum is deeply in love with old-school games. So it's not all that surprising that they made a retro-styled shooter starring the studio's biggest action star. Also not surprising: it's really freakin' tough.

Announced today via a tweet from Platinum's JP Kellams, the bite-sized Bayonetta release is called Angel Land and can be found on the 404 page of the studio's official website. It's a simply-presented 2D jump-and-shoot affair without any sidescrolling movement but browser Bayo definitely isn't as easy as it looks. You can get there but entering any sort of non-resolving tag for the Platinum Games site — like "" — which makes it perfect for trolling with fake URLs. "", anyone?


    Looks like ghosts and goblins, and just as friggin hard. I love it.

      Mmm, I was thinking Super Ghouls and Ghosts - definitely that aesthetic

    Wait, are we talking about deflated balls, balls balls, or steel balls? I mean, what the heck does "balls hard" even mean anyway?

    holy moly that is hard. couldnt get past 2200 points.

    Almost cracked 10000.. trick seems to be to just constantly spam shoot as fast as humanly possible, filling the sky constantly with bullets and hope they strike a target. great way to wear out a keyboard or 2 :P

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