'Ninja Day' Is An Actual Holiday In Japan

February 22 is "National Ninja Day". The Japanese holiday isn't an official day off. That is, at least not for those unable to slip out of work.

Why 2/22? It's a word play, because in Japanese the number two is "ni". You know, kind of like the "ni" in "ninja" (忍者), but with "nin" or 忍 referring to endurance, patience or restraint.

Picture: ぴの

Or better yet, it's reminiscent of anime character Ninja Hattori Kun's "nin nin" (ニンニン) catchphrase.

Picture: 塾長記 「ある時は忍者」

The cities of Iga and Koka have been spearheading the holiday — and for good reason. Iga in Mie Prefecture is historically a ninja stronghold as is Koka in Shiga Prefecture. Obviously, this is a push to promote the region.

Picture: Walker47_jp

In anticipation for the holiday, some "Ninja Day" banners have been spotted.

Picture: ninja_tools

Picture: kyotodr

Picture: douguyatoraneko

In Koka's city hall, the local bureaucrats have dressed up in full ninja garb as they answer phones, work on the computer, make origami throwing stars, and meet with citizens — shinobi style.

Picture: KunoichiSen

Picture: doi_yobi

They should always wear these outfits, long after February is over.

Picture: 710Sakurai

Picture: doi_yobi

Imagine going to city hall and being greeted by this guy.

Pictures: tauhu1002

Since February 2, ninja events have been going on across Japan to publicize the day. The holiday is new and still not widely known, even in Japan. But national press coverage is changing that.

Picture: shrn_9

Just don't let this holiday sneak up on you.

Picture: ぴの


    This is an amazing mixture of strangeness, hilarity and downright goofiness. I love it.

    this make my day , Love it

    Iga has been doing this forever. It's a damn fun weekend. Everyone in the city dresses like a ninja and they have a festival.

    Basically they doing a may the 4th play on words. Cute.

    You filthy weeaboo trash!

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