Nintendo's YouTube Plan Is Already Having Problems

Nintendo's YouTube Plan Is Already Having Problems

Last week, Nintendo started a controversial program lets YouTubers make money off of any Nintendo-related videos submitted for approval. The process was supposed to take two to three days, but today Nintendo announced that they're having trouble keeping up with the demand.

As spotted by Venture Beat, here's what the Nintendo website says about the situation:

Due to your enthusiasm for the program, we're receiving a higher volume of applications to register channels & videos than expected. It is taking longer than we anticipated to confirm the applications. We appreciate your patience as we work through them as quickly as possible.

The program, as we described it last week, lets people earn advertising proceeds on anything from Let's Plays to criticism of Nintendo gameplay footage, provided the videos or channels in question are sent to Nintendo first. The program came under fire from prominent YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Jim Sterling, because the rate of money given to YouTubers could be "changed arbitrarily," and the application process meant that YouTubers would have to wait before their videos could start making money. It's the sort of scheme that, while beneficial to Nintendo, can potentially get in the way of timely YouTube content that is unbiased.

While it's unfortunate that Nintendo can't keep up with the demand, they do have some advice for anyone that is looking to expedite the process...though, looking at their advice only reveals more problems with this plan in the first place. Notice how they mention that people looking to monetise channels can only have games from the Nintendo-approved whitelist? That's absurd! The alternative is submitting videos individually, which means waiting even longer for each one.

Take a look — the bolded emphasis is mine:

Please note that we are not able to register channels and videos that are not in line with our Terms of Service.


-We are only able to register videos that contain game titles specified on the list of supported games.


-We are only able to register channels that contain game titles specified on the list of supported games.

NOTE: (If you have not submitted your channel for registration yet)

If a video within your channel contains game titles outside of the list of supported games, please remove it from the channel before registering. If you are unable to remove the video from your channel, please register each video that contains game titles on the list of supported games individually.

NOTE: (If you have already submitted your channel for registration)

If you have already submitted your channel for registration and it includes video(s) that contain game titles outside of the list of supported games, please remove those videos from your channel within two weeks of the submission date. If the video(s) are not removed from the channel within this time, your channel will not be registered with the program. You may resubmit your channel for registration at a later date.

Terms of Service

List of Supported Games


    They can just not play (advertise) nintendo games.

    This pretty much sums up why nobody works with Nintendo for more than six months. As much as I love them they're just awful to play ball with, and it results in everybody jumping ship on their consoles the second they can afford to. If Let's Play producers could afford to they'd be on SEGA right now and the Nintendo application process would be a ghost town.

    Fucking stupid plan has problems when put into practice. I guess nobody saw that coming.

    Poor Pewdiepie, boo-hoo that guy's a frigging retard.

      Putting aside any personal dislike for Pewdiepie, are you really saying you support Nintendo's new policy?

      I used to dislike him, then I did my research and found out what he does for charities such as Water charities and feeding starving kids etc. Dudes a bloody awesome humanitarian. So I dont watch his videos. I subscribed though to boost numbers even just by 1. So yeah might not enjoy his videos but he does way more than most do.

      I don't watch his videos and I find his character annoying. Though he certainly cannot be a try-hard when he is the biggest Youtube personality to date. Maybe you're sour because you tried streaming and couldn't get traction.

    It really hurts to see just how out of touch Nintendo is with the gaming community as a whole. I love the stuff they make, but they refuse to come to terms just how damaging their policies are, even when they think they're providing a compromise. How can we trust Nintendo to allow videos that feature negative criticism to be uploaded when they can simply refuse to play ball with the content producers that critique them?

    I love ya Nintendo, but this plan has to go. I get that your system is better than what Sega is doing (as it attempts to steal the revenue of videos that feature its games in a last-ditch attempt to stay solvent) but that hardly justifies its existence.

    Last edited 05/02/15 10:19 pm

      Perhaps you're missing the point? Why would Nintendo want people objectively critiquing them? They don't.
      So instead of dealing with criticism they decided to implement an impressively Orwellian scheme to redefine the very nature of YouTube into a Nintendo promotional tool. I honestly don't know if they are Machiavellian masterminds or Lucky Bumblers.

    Talk about everyones sense of self entitlement.
    Nintendos rules are pretty shite, but if if you dont like them, go somewhere else.

    If anyone is out of touch, its the people saying nintendo is out of touch for this.

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