Off Topic: Best Animated Movie Of All Time?

As a father of a just-turned-two child, I've been watching my fair share of animated movies at the moment. I'm also a fairly big fan of anime, so I feel pretty well placed to name my favourite animated movie of all time, and you might be surprised by what I choose. What's your favourite?

My favourite? Well, in terms of western animated movies, I'm going to have to say How To Train Your Dragon.

Don't get me wrong, I love Pixar. I love Toy Story, I love Up, I love The Incredibles. I'm also a big Disney fan. I love The Lion King, I love Aladdin, The Jungle Book.

But seriously, I think How To Train Your Dragon just eclipses those movies.

Maybe it's because my son has been demanding to watch "DRAGONS", as he calls it, over and over again. Maybe it's just plain and simple indoctrination, but I think How To Train Your Dragon is just as good, if not better, than all the Disney and Pixar classics.

What say you? What's your favourite animated movie?


    WALL-E. It's not the best movie for kids, by a long shot, but it's the best animated movie of all time without question in my mind.

      We are currently expecting our next child and if its a girl she will be named Eva. No, not calling the boy Wall-E..

      My man! Yeah Wall-E was beautiful. UP was also up there. I've watched Finding Nemo a millions times with my niece, but still love it. I have to say Big Hero 6 was fantastic too. Man who am I kidding, I love all of them - but yeah Wall-E is probably my top pick.

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      Wall-E was great but....

      Spirited Away

      The absolute best.

      Western wise though...probs Ratatouille or Lion King. Both pretty spectacular.

      Oh yes! Definitely!

      I'm often disappointed in people's reactions to this movie. I saw it in theatres in friends and they complained 'no one even said a word for the first half of the movie'.....
      That's what makes it so amazing! That no one NEEDED to say a word, we could completely understand what WALL-E and EVE were communicating without words.

      I'm also a sucker for cutting edge CGI, and they really developed some great tech to render the movie in more detail than capable before. The different type of lens aberration effects [which, ironically, traditional film makers try their best to remove :p ], the wind/dust effects, all fantastic!

        Yep, the economy of language and use of non-verbal cues is part of why the movie is so strong. I actually missed it when it was in it's theatrical run, saw it on DVD and I was so jaw-dropped after watching it the first time I hit rewind (back to menu) and watched it again.

        Spoiler tags for actual plot discussion
        Another thing I love which can be so glaring when other movies don't get it right, is how every action has some kind of pay-off. It's like they're operating Chekov's AmmuNation Clearance Sale: Every gun must be sold!

        Implied example. Early scene, Wall-E has a broken tread: He replaces it. -Lesson: Wall-E has survived longer than other of his model because he figured out how to maintain himself.
        Wall-E gets damaged in front of Eve and repairs himself: We know Wall-E can repair himself, now Eve knows this as well. Eve also knows about his parts stash.
        Eve can't find parts to repair Wall-E: Return to Earth where parts are available. Repair Wall-E.

        So many movies fail to think about all the little things, or don't go in to enough depth and you find yourself going "Wait, how did they know that?" or "When did that happen?" or maybe even just skip part 1 of the above 3. But without Part 1 there's an empty feeling of "Well, why was Wall-E still operating after 800 years when nobody else was?" and it's the little details that make it such a satisfying movie.

      So hard for me to choose between WALL-E and The Incredibles.
      I've decided to back you with WALL-E and call The Incredible the best Super Hero movie of all time.

        Yes, words are useless! Gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble! Too much of it, darling, too much!

    Ratatouille maybe? No, The Lion King! Mulan? Pocahontas is pretty great! Oooh Ooooh, The Iron Giant! Errrr... this is too hard. :S

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      Oh man I didn't even think of the Iron Giant - man that is a classic, it's definitely one that is special to me.

      Ratatouille is an under appreciated film. Super great.

    Western animation - Aladdin, purely because as a child I memorised every single line of dialogue and watched it a bajillion times. If I had a copy I'd watch it again immediately.

    Anime - This is actually quite difficult, but I think I have to go with Akira.

      I wouldn't say anime is difficult. It HAS to be Akira doesn't it?! Although I haven't watched it in a few years and I'm a bit worried it will have aged badly. Like watching he-man and realising your childhood has been destroyed.

        It hasn't aged badly. Watch it again

          It has aged badly, keep it on the shelf.

    A Goofy Movie is my pick.

    There's a whole slew of great Disney flicks, as well as a handful of great non-Disney, but A Goofy Movie just hits all my buttons. It taught me how to be a kid, and it's teaching me how to be a dad.

      Love this too! Seen it so many times I can recite it word for word, beat for beat.

        TAY Goofy Movie karaoke incoming.

          If ya need a break from modern livin'...

            Do you loooooong to shed your weary load?

          Someone remade the opening song in real life - check it out on youtube. Shot for shot, it's awesome.

    Western animation: Up.

    Japanese: Probably My Neighbour Totoro, although Grave of the Fireflies is right up there, too.

      I'm divided between Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke or Howl's Moving Castle, when it comes to which Ghibli film was the best. It's a hard choice because they're all fantastic movies. Special mentions also to the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and the original Ghost in the Shell movie.

        I have to admit that I just didn't really get into Princess Mononoke. I guess I should give it a second chance sometime.

    The Incredibles. no question.

      THIS. Great humour, smart and fantastic characterisation, and such a high degree of emotions.
      All in 2 hours.

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      Still can't believe they haven't made a sequel to that, which is actually crying out for it, and instead they just keep churning out rubbish Cars movies.

        Well I've got mixed news for you. Cars 3 is in production, but so is Incredibles 2!

      My favourite as well. Up deserves a mention too, absolutely loved the first 10 or so minutes, the rest was good, but less engaging for me.

    My favourite animated movies (telling me to pick just one is cruel) -->

    How To Train Your Dragon
    Kung Fu Panda 2
    Wolf Children
    The Garden of Words
    The Iron Giant
    Beauty and the Beast

      Kung Fu Panda 2 probably marked the moment when Dreamworks proved they could match the depth of Pixar

    Frozen. I get the feels every time I watch it. Plus, that music is just fantastic.

    Runners up: Transformers the Movie, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bepop.

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      The Transformers The Movie is so good!

        Came on here it say the same thing.

        I watched that movie about 10,000 times between the age of 4 and 10.

        Then about 20 more between 20 and 30.

          I saw it once as a kid, blew my mind.

          Recently saw it again. Still great.

        Yep, that's my answer, what a brilliant film - ahead of its time in so mamy ways

        Not ashamed to admit I cried in the cinema when Prime died.

    We have Thursday night movie night at our place for our 2 y.o young bloke - toasted sarnies and Disney staples. So much nostalgia. We pretend it's for him but secretly I think my wife and I get more out of it.
    Dad's favourite animated movie though would have to be Ninja Scroll
    Mum's would have to be Beauty and the Beast
    Young blokes favourite is *anything* to do with dinosaurs

      ninja scroll = best anime ever

      nice mention

      Oh god, can I change mine to Ninja Scroll too? Incredibly accurate portrayal of blood spatter in that movie...

      Maybe the little guy would like Land Before Time? I remember loving it as a kid.

      Also Ninja Scroll was my introduction to anime and it's still hard to top all these years later.

        Oh he LOVES Land before Time!!! great pick @roh, and Denver: The last Dinosaur, and Dino-Riders, and Dink the Dinosaur, and every episode of Dinosaur Train on the HD... yeah, he's a bit of a dinosaur nut.

          I also just remembered Dinosaucers, it had a kick ass opening theme too.

          I was OBSESSED with dinosaurs as a little kid, so I can definitely relate.

            Oh man!! Dino Saucers!!! that had a freakin' ROCKIN' riff!!!!!

            Youtube away!!!

          The Land Before Time is my pick, most excellent film.

          Holy crap! Dino-riders! I used to love that show! Now to find out where i can aquire all the episodes...

      What on earth is a 'sarnie'?

      [Also Ninja Scroll is awesome.... though super not suitable for the young bloke :p]

    No contest.

    Ghost in the Shell Innocence

      That is a pretty amazing film.

        I went in expecting decent. But how could they top the original?

        Blown mind 9999999999%

    3D CG movie, my favorite would be Ratatouille. Was such a unexpectedly unique experience, and I loved the setting. Runner up would be Wall-E, knows how to pull at my heart strings.

    2D Traditional Animated would be "The Cat Returns", this is purely a sentimental thing. The story is not that deep, the animation isn't mind-blowing or anything, but it holds a special place in my heart. Runner up would, maybe?

    I'm a big fan of Porco Rosso, otherwise meet the robinsons is pretty rad, it has a scene that might not be suitable for super younglings, but still a really well done movie.

    The Tale of Princess Kaguya - the most beautiful movie I've ever seen

    the original transformers movie

      I love that movie so much, if you play the soundtrack at any point I'll tell you what's happening in the film at that moment.

        Same! Have you heard the piano version of the soundtrack "Artistc Transformations"? That so much great music could be crammed into an animated feature that's in no way a musical - it boggles the mind!

          Yes. If it sounds like Transformers or Vince DeCola I've got it.

          I wish more modern movies revelled in the musical landscape they can paint. I suppose that's why Redline, Tron, The Warriors, and whole lot of Anime movies are some of my favourites.

    West: Wall-E, Up, The Lion King and The Transformers: The Movie.

    East: My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Howl's Moving Castle.

    Arbitrary lists because I keep thinking of more but if I name them all then the lists would be about 20-30 movies long :S

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      No love for Ponyo? So sad. That movie was a dream.

    Has to be Aladdin, I watched that a bajillion times when I was a kid.

    Toy Story blew my little mind when I first saw it (in theatres) and since then, Pixar have only got better.
    It's truly difficult, now that I'm trying to, to pick "a favorite". They don't really misstep and each film fits a certain mood perfectly. My favorite movie depends on which one I'm watching.
    I think I'm giving it to Wall-E, but stand by for an edit.

    I will never forget the time that my father sat my sister and I - aged 4 and 6, respectively - down in front of the cartoon he'd just rented from the video shop in order to have it babysit us when we went out.

    The cartoon was "Legend of the Overfiend".

    As one of the formative movies of my life, I strongly recommend that your kids should get to watch it before they start primary school. Nothing like the question session that's sure to follow in order for a little family bonding.

    Best animated movie for me would probably be Shrek (the first one). Very cleverly done, great art and animation style, good story, a lot of adult-targeted humour in it. The jokes remind me of the old Looney Tunes cartoons in many ways, the jokes go over the heads of kids but the adults watch it and find it hysterical.

    Wreck-it-Ralph would be up there too, if only for all of the video game related references and humour in it.

    I'd also suggest Happy Feet Two but that's just my bias because I worked on it ;)

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    Up. Just such an all round positive movie. Biased as it was the first movie my daughter saw at the cinema and she loved it.

      Up is fine if you don’t mind your kids seeing you crying like a little bitch.

      Maybe go get a beer or something and let your kids watch the first 10 minutes on their own.

    Aladdin and/or The Lion King, also Fantasia is up there too :)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Which I think is actually the first bunch of episodes of the first season all stuck together by whatever channel aired it (think it was Seven who had them then). But when I was little, we had two tapes - the "real people" movie and the "cartoon" movie. So in my headcanon that's what it is :P

      Yeah, that was just the first few episodes of the original TV series stuck together. Not sure it qualifies as a real movie :P

    This is surprisingly tough as I've never really thought about it before and am more a fan of animated series. For now it's a fight to the death between Wreck-It Ralph, Adolescence of Utena and Escaflowne (The movie).

      Oh shit yeah, Wreck-It Ralph. I keep forgetting about that, but I'd happily go with that one.

      Utena is grrrrrrrreat.

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