Off Topic: Recommend A Comic Book/Manga

I've never been a big comic book fan. Haven't been able to get into anything really. But Manga? Man. I've read a lot of manga. Here's what I want to do today. I want everyone to recommend their favourite manga/comic book. I'm looking for something to read! Help me out!

My recommendation?

Man, it's tough. When people ask me to recommend one single manga I usually go with Naoki Urusawa's Pluto: a noir-style reimagining of Astro Boy. That plays to people's nostalgia whilst also being an astoundingly well-written mystery manga.

But depending on the tastes of the person I might also recommend Vagabond, which has the best art of any manga ever written/drawn. That makes sense since it's by Takehiko Inoue, who might be the best manga artist who ever lived.

Basically, any manga by those two is worth your time: Slam Dunk, REAL, Vagabond, Pluto, Monster, 20th Century Boys.

What are your recommendations?


    Slam Dunk is my favourite hands down.

    Loved the first 13 volumes of GTO but it went downhill after that.

    Death Note was cool too.

    Criminal - Ed Brubaker
    Saga - brian k vaughn
    Promethea - Alan Moore

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      Just one? Damn, I should read properly.

      Promethea, easily Alan Moore's best Comic book, also some damn fine art from Jimmy Williams III.

        I'll check Promethea out, The Ballad of Halo Jones was one of my absolute faves.

          I've yet to read it. Looks good.

          Word of warning Promethea has been labelled "preachy" by many, so if you dont like philosophical ramblings on the meaning of life then read some Bendis. :-)

        Nice. I just asked my wonderful comic store to grab me vol 1 of Saga last week.

    Samurai Executioner
    The Dark Knight Returns

    I can only recommend western comics. 3 come to mind.

    Saga - bloody amazing, well worth a read. Sci-fi love story adventure epic. My current favourite
    Fables - really interesting take on fairy tale characters who've been ousted from their kingdom and are living in the 'real world'. Wolf Among Us is based on this
    Astonishing X-Men Vol 1 & 2 - Don't need any prior knowledge of X-men continuity to get into this. First comic written by Joss Whedon, great story line, humorous and amazing art. Any 90's animated series fan needs to read this. Don't bother with the later volumes.

      Saga is great.

      Fables is great until about comic 90, i think the author run out of idea's so it gets kinda crap when he introduces the "literals"

      Invincible is a good read, it does a strange thing, its an 'original' works by the author of walking dead. but it compresses all of the era's and changes to the way super heroes have evolved over the last 50 odd years and does it in one story over 5 years... its very cool.

        Invincible is great. Often overlooked as 'yet another superhero comic' it is a clichéd setting with anything but clichéd story lines.

    One-Punch Man. It is an amazing manga.

      Came here to see if anyone had put this up yet.

      One-Punch Man is just fantastic. Hilarious manga. 100% recommend.

        If you like One-Punch Man, I'd also recommend checking out the original version(assuming you're reading the version with more professional art) as well as Mob Psycho 100, written by the same author. Chapters for the original One-Punch Man are still being released and are quite far ahead of the remake, and Mob Psycho 100 is just as hilarious as One-Punch Man, definitely worth a read.

    On the shelf beside me... a lot of Usagi Yojimbo, the Sam & Max collection, Calvin and Hobbes. I'm happy to recommend them all.

    And The Phantom. He was my superhero of choice as a kid, and deserves more love.

    Sex Criminals.

      I always feel embarrased reading this (I'm so bashful!) but it is very funny

        What are you, 5? It's just sex. What's so bad about your old man talking about seeeex. I had seeeex.

    Haven't read manga in quite a while, so my recommendations would likely be cliche by now... but Hagaren, Ruroken and Vagabond (although I prefer Eiji Yoshikawa's novel, Musashi, to the manga interpretation) are among my favourites.

    For something more light hearted, Ranma 1/2 is my cliche suggestion that everyone's already read; Genshiken is my go to suggestion that (afaik) fewer people have already read.

      Speaking of Eiji Yoshikawa, you should read his autobiography if you haven't already. It was translated by James Clavell (of Shogun fame) and is a really interesting life story. It also tells you a lot about modern Japan and why so many Japanese people really struggled to deal with the transition from isolated nation to global community member

    I'd have to go with Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

    Superman goes into retirement after a new wave of heroes show that his ideals aren't wanted anymore. It's one of the best examples of Superman done right and the art is goddamned fantastic to boot.

    Batman Eternal is finished in April and I find it to be a mighty fine read.

      Agreed, so glad I got in on issue one. It's been one heck of a ride.

    Lone Wolf & Cub is fantastic, as were the 1970s Japanese films based on it.

      Samurai Executioner is done by the same guys, Kojima and Koike, you should check it out.

        That does look pretty good, I'll definitely check it out.

    Blade of the Immortal.

    ...and Akira.

    oh and also Siegfried (alex alice) is amazing but not not exactly manga.

    Plawres Sanshiro!!!

    Old school japanese manga about a boy's journey to become Plastic Model Wrestling champion.

    Plastic model Wrestlers are basically small remote controlled robots made by their owners and entered in a "battle to the death".

    Grew up watching this when i was growing up in greece.

    Anything written by Mitsuru Adachi is great!

    Its mostly older stuff (first original manga was done in 1978) and the themes are mostly sport related, lots of humour.

    I also liked Rurouni Kenshin (also known by the horrible American name Samurai X), Berserk, Hajime no Ippo, Mx0 to name a few others

      Bring tissues if you're reading an Adachi manga. Guy wrote great comedy and great tragedy

    Sex Criminals, Saga, Girls, Alex + Ada, Sam & Max, Chew, SEX, Maximum Ride...

    All of these are definitely worth your time.

    Metroid 2002 manga (a good backstory for 1 of thee most iconic bounty hunters)
    Madam snowblossom (the manga that inspired kill bill, with a samurai hunting down the people that killed her family whilst enacting justice & being an assassin, warning: contains yuri)
    Pokemon adventures (a very good manga series that shows you a darker side of pokemon whilst showing little known details of the series)
    Samurai x (a samurai manga that has 1 of thee most feared samurai of all time who has been struggling to keep his peace)
    Ghost in the shell (a classic cyberpunk manga, warning: contains yuri)
    Batman vs judge dread a good crossover in which judge death teams up with 2 of thee most feared people in the dcverse: scarecrow and joker

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    Black Cat.

      I'll have to disagree there, it started off good but went to the crap halfway through. Then the author just ends the series in the most stupid of ways.

      Now he's doing To Love-Ru, which IMO is a pretty stupid series (that's raking the money in though...)

    For someone who likes random whimsy: Axe Cop.
    For someone who likes Adventure Time: Bravest Warriors (yes, there is also an AT series as well).
    For someone who is an otaku: Genshiken.
    For someone who likes sex and violence: Tenjho Tenge.
    For someone who likes something light and innocent: + Anima.
    For someone who likes the weird and twisted: Anything by Junko Mizuno.
    For people who like Legend of Korra: Fullmetal Alchemist.
    For someone who likes Twilight: Hellsing.

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      Good Lord, why would you recommend Hellsing to a Twilight fan?! You'd traumatize them.


      Axe Cop! Genshiken! +Anima!
      You sir win my internet for having these in the same post :)

    The Ballad of Halo Jones, it is old, but should appeal to yr Scottish sensibilities, and it is one of the best reads I ever had, and I loved the Artstyle. Definitely find it in black and white.

    I seriously recommend Atomic Robo on the western comic side, especially since they're now posting all the previously published stuff online for free:

    On the Manga side, I found myself enjoying Drifters, by Kouta Hirano. A really kind of weird manga by the guy who created Hellsing, about various historical figures ending up in a medieval fantasy world after death, and the continuing war going on. And it has a Mitsubishi Zero vs a Dragon.

    Ok so nobody has said Junji Ito yet, surprising and nobody has said Transmetropolitan either.

    So for horror manga you can't go past Junji Ito, in particular Uzumaki is amazing.

    For comics my favourite has been the transmet series for a while, the art is awesome, the story is both intriguing and funny, it's just really good all round.

    Sex Criminals
    Y: The Last Man
    The Boys
    Bomb Queen
    Bitch Planet

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    Vagabond was good until he the 100 or so chapters of growing rice :P

      Lol. I know what you mean, but somehow I actually enjoyed that. This manga overall was so fucking good. But the waiting, ohhh the waiting :/

    Ive read so far every issue of The Walking Dead comic book which I've found is much more entertaining then the TV series.
    Also I've just started reading my first manga, Gangsta which is made by a relatively new artist and I'm loving it, already read through the first two volumes and ordered the next 4 from amazon last night.

      I also really like The Walking Dead comic books (I'm not quite all the way up to date though), but I don't mind the TV show. I feel the comic has advantages in that it can get away with being darker, and the pacing helps a lot. I find the TV show drags on a bit sometimes.

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